28 March 2014

Ways to impress your boss


1. Complete The Task Which Everyone Forgets-
There  are little things which always get overlooked .try finishing those jobs.

2. Get One Big Idea-
Propose  an audacious new idea to improve the business every week

3. Put Some Extra Efforts-
Give  some extra time and try finishing the work before deadline.

4. Sense Of Humour-
 Your  workplace is not  a  warzone that you always have o be serious. crack some silly but yet sensible jokes to impress your boss. Always  remember you can have fun at workplace too.

5. Be Helpful-
Be  kind and helpful to not only your boss but also colleagues . Share their burden as it gets you notice too.

6. Put All Your Efforts-
Take  every project of yours as its the first and last one. Give your 100%

7. Express Curiosity-
Ask  sensible questions and show you are keen to understand that. Be  curious, be open, be thoughtful.

8. Keep  Calm-
The  biggest mantra of life “keep calm”.even if you are too stressed out and frustrated keep calm as anger is just evil of all and will do no good to you.

9.Appreciate Your Boss-
no matter how ugly or fat he/she is looking they always like to get appreciated. Make them feel good and important.

10.Dress Up-

be presentable as it makes you feel good about yourself. It also makes you more confident which definitely impresses our boss

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