Who is a Leader?

Leader is the person with vision and the capability to drive the force and make things happen. The basic understanding of leaders is he is the one who leads. Leaders are not born they are made.
Nobody is a born leader, it is the sense of positive attitude that they carry within themselves, the courage to drive a force. The end result may or may not be in his favour but the ultimate goal is he gave his best shot. A leader has his goal well planned in his mind and also knows how he is going to approach it. He is also a good team leader which is one of the main things that a good leader should possess. To understand the weakness n the strength of his team mates and strategize in a way that he knows which work to be accomplished by whom and have a outcome in which both are satisfied and the team mates feel that they have equally contributed in the work. This in a way also builds up their confidence level and is happier with their work. It is the focus of the leaders attention and how they attack to a problem with a single minded determination.
It is the strength of the leader that lets them move forward towards their vision in spite of their hurdles they face on their way. Call it their passion towards it or dedication or desperation or rather their determination to achieve it. Apart from these qualities they also have good communication skills, planning abilities etc.
They “dream dreams” as can be correctly coated, being unrealistic but unrelenting polite. Characteristics are not magic bullets these are things that one can be if he wants to be the change in him

You can be a leader and you will be when it matters to you enough and you want to be the change in you.

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