28 March 2014


“I would love to remain at Liverpool for many seasons to come. I feel at home here.” - Fernando Torres. These were the words of Fernando Torres aka El Nino. He was the heart throb and centre forward of England’s most prestigious Football Club Liverpool FC. It was the fans of Anfield Road that made this man what he is today, a star and a legend in the making. Was the love and appreciation too much to handle? Did he start taking it for granted, or did success just got to his head? Only time will tell. He will no longer feature for the Reds and will have a Blue shirt on the one of Chelsea FC.
No player is bigger than the team, however talented he maybe. The thing that infuriated most of the fans was the way Torres exited. If he meant what he said three weeks back then he should have waited till the end of the season and then requested for a transfer. Instead of that Torres’s ego took the better of him and he left Anfield in a bitter way. What does he attain from the change only an extra three months of Champions League football maybe?
He pledged his commitment not once but twice to the club in the past three weeks and his actions after that proves to us that he is not a man of his words. To say that he loves the club and for the fans to get behind the club and all of a sudden instead of helping the club out of what is their worst run ever he only leaves them more distraught. Never did anyone think that a man who has so much love and passion for the sport will get lured by a few thousand pounds more.
Liverpool FC loved Fernando and did everything possible to keep him happy. They increased his wage by 30,000 pounds; they even gave him a few months off for an operation towards the end of the last season even though the club was in bad shape just so that he could play the world cup. No other club would do that. This proves the respect the club had for him, unfortunately in return of absolutely nothing.
Fernando Torres with what he has done has broken the hearts of thousands and has lost their respect as well. What Fernando Torres has done is immature on his part and he may never be forgiven.
Fernando Torres, “You now will now have to WALK ALONE.”
With this loss it is time for Liverpool FC to pull up their socks and prove to the rest of the world that they are still one of the best teams to have ever played this enthralling sport and it is for this reason, in his place LFC have signed Luis Suarez who is now the best in the world and hungry for goals. He possesses quite a lot of talent with the potential to learn lots more. He has pledged that he will strive hard to win over the fans and help LFC come out of their current slump. AND YES THEY HAVE! Guys YNWA.

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