28 March 2014

World Intellectual Property Organization and national Intellectual Property Organization


The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is the United Nations agency dedicated to the use of intellectual property (patents, copyright, trademarks, designs, etc.) as a means of stimulating innovation and creativity. World Intellectual Property Day is annually organized on 26th April every year.

WIPO's Strategic Goals

WIPO's strategic goals were adopted by member states in December 2009 which reflect the evolving challenges for WIPO and for intellectual property in today’s rapidly changing environment:

Ø  Balanced Evolution of the International Normative Framework for IP

Ø  Provision of Premier Global IP Services

Ø  Facilitating the Use of IP for Development

Ø  Coordination and Development of Global IP Infrastructure

Ø  World Reference Source for IP Information and Analysis

Ø  International Cooperation on Building Respect for IP

Ø  Addressing IP in Relation to Global Policy Issues

Ø  A Responsive Communications Interface between WIPO, its Member States and All Stakeholders

Unlike WIPO treaties, the TRIPS Agreement includes powerful enforcement mechanisms such as trade sanctions and litigation before the World Court that force countries into compliance with the provisions in the agreement.






NIPO is an umbrella initiative destined to put India on the map of intellectual superpowers. NIPO's mandate includes

(1)   Developing policy initiatives in the area of IP; harnessing Intellectual Property assets & knowledge to generate economic wealth; help & assist individuals & organizations in capacity building and work as a platform for development, promotion, protection, compliance & enforcement of Intellectual Property & knowledge including through interactions with other organizations in India and abroad which are active in this field. 


(2)   NIPO is dedicated to mobilizing the use of intellectual property for economic and social development by creating an IP culture and enhancing knowledge & competencies in tune with the global environment. NIPO works for advancing an intellectual property agenda that promotes business practices, commercial infrastructure and law fostering economic growth through efficient development, use and exchange of IP rights at the point where technology development, intellectual property rights, and jobs creation all intersect.

(3)   NIPO provides all stakeholders with a strong voice on IP matters affecting their future business through regular publications, meetings and conferences to both educate and engage the public in debate on IP enforcement, trade and exchange, IP management, litigation, alternative dispute resolution and related issues.

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