16 April 2014

Does truth belong in marketing?

Marketing guru Seth Godin once famously claimed all marketers are liars. 
Industry leaders debate and weigh in on strategies that can be adopted to propel growth to the next level.
This year, the various interactive sessions are built around themes like CEO Truths, Consumer Truths, Communication Truths, Retail Truths and Rural Truths.
 CEO Truths discusses a new set of business truisms: be it the optimum allocation of resources or the best way to nurture brands and people.
Finding genuine consumer insights in a welter of common sense will be the focus of Consumer Truths which will also analyse people's relationship with brands and advertising.
Communication Truths will have a sharply defined focus on social networking and lessons for the future. Retail has moved from being a traditional sales function to an important component of the marketing mix.
The session on Retail Truths will see marketers discuss diverse subjects such as formats that work in a challenged economy, creating price premium and role of advertising. With more than 70% of the total households in India residing in rural areas, understanding Rural Truths is crucial for marketers to reap maximum benefits.

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