16 April 2014

How IKEA uses social media to emerge a marketing success

Advertising and marketing constitutes a substantial share of a retailer's annual expenditure and TV has been the most dominant mode of campaigning until internet marketing started chipping the limelight away.
IKEA, the world's largest home furnishing retailer, is one of the early adopters of the digital mode of marketing and has made maximum use of the social media clubbed with massive emphasis on its digital catalogue which forms the core of the retailer's marketing strategy.
With 345 operational stores across the world (as of year 2013), IKEA's digital marketing strategy remains almost uniform - extensive use of social media with separate country pages for respective markets and an ever increasing stress on digital catalogue applications which can be downloaded on app stores such as Google Play and the Apple store.
"The 2013 edition of the IKEA catalogue application was downloaded almost 10 million times!" IKEA informs.
"Ever since 1951 the IKEA catalogue has been a source of inspiration, a reference for home furnishing knowledge; even as it (the catalogue) continues to evolve and improve, making the most of the latest possibilities," it says.
The latest catalogue application that IKEA launched in 2014 has 59 editions. 

IKEA's presence on social media
Facebook: There are a minimum of 1.5 lakh fans on each of IKEA's country pages. The USA page has the highest following measuring about 3,411,985. The retailer's social teams pose questions, links to photo albums, and post YouTube clips to increase engagement.
Twitter: IKEA has separate twitter feeds for all its country-specific twitter pages. The US page alone has 2, 22,000 followers while IKEA Canada page has 6, 66,000 followers. Ikea makes these pages engaging by fascinating its followers to indulge in campaigns such as celebrating the 'Bring your Own Friends Day (BYOF).
Pinterest: This is an obvious choice for a retailer which deals in home furnishings, as this claims to be the official 'visual discovery tool'. Making best use of Pinterest, IKEA visually presents its merchandise to local markets in the UK, USA, Canada and other countries.
Google +: IKEA's USA page entered Google + only recently (January, 2014) and has the lowest following out of all of its pages. The retailer has apparently not been able to make much use of this platform even as the main page was launched in December 2011.

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