17 April 2014

KAIZEN in Digital world

Kaizen is management supported employee driven process where employees make a great number of continuous lasting improvements by discovering small problems and eliminating them permanently there by helping organization is setting & trenching higher standards of performance
Kaizen gives marginal but continuous improvement with no investment or little investment
Kaizen are of three types [depending upon the complexity and level]
1.      Management kaizen
2.      Group kaizen
3.      Individual kaizen

Kaizen process- also called kaizen story consists of seven sequential steps built on famous PDCA cycle, for indentifying and fixing problem

1.      Defining problem
2.      Understanding /assessing the currents status
3.      Finding the root cause
4.      Planning counting counter measures
5.      Implementing counter measures
6.      Verifying results
7.      Standardizing and establishing control

Benefits of kaizen
1.      It helps for companywide continuous improve met
2.      It increases productivity by eliminating waste arising from MURA [incases is tency] (MURI) in adequacy
3.      Generals process oriented thinking
4.      Emphasizes implementation of idea & not merely generation of ideas
5.      It bring alignment between objectives of the organization and those of its employee
6.      It creates good relations between management and unit
7.      It creates creativity among employees of the company
8.      It gives employments to employers to implement improvement at their work place

The types if kaizen are differentiate on the following parameters
1.      Focus
2.      Involvement
3.      Duration
4.      No of kaizen
5.      Implementation cost
6.      Results
7.      Support system
8.      Benefits
9.      Change in current status
10.  Tools

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