16 April 2014

Mobile users can pursue internationally recognised courses

Mobile phone users in the country having interest in developing skill on finance and accounts can now pursue internationally recognised professional courses online for free.
UK Minister for Skills and Enterprise, Mathew Hancock, today launched India's first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for professional skills-- Qualt.com-- at an event hosted by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) here.
Working in partnership with internationally recognised accrediting bodies such as AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) and IDM (the only UK government approved awarding body in digital and direct marketing), Qualt.com brings a series of industry and job-specific, entry level, free, professional training opportunities to India.
Mobile MOOC in finance and accounts will be the first course.
Launching in March 2014, this smartphone app combines mobile technology and game playing in an interactive learning environment. The AAT India app can be a benefit to those who are keen on acquiring skill in finance and accounting and have a mobile.
"I am delighted to be launching Qualt.com and the AAT India mobile MOOC, and specifically Mobile MOOCs, are an innovative approach to addressing India's skill shortage, and will have instant appeal to young people entering the workplace," Hancock said.
Speaking on the occasion, Chief Operating Officer of the NSDCAtul Bhatnagar, said MOOCs will facilitate in delivering quality content to a large mass of people.
"NSDC welcomes the launch of MOOC skill courses in Finance by AAT which can potentially benefit every mobile phone user who may have an interest in developing a relevant skill. We would welcome more such initiatives in the coming future," Bhatnagar said.
Commenting on the announcement, Clare Morley, Global Development Director at AAT said: "Good financial management is essential for any business to succeed, which is why it is also important to have well-trained people looking after the finances. This is why we are delighted to be working to build skill-capacity and developing both people and the organisations in which they work."

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