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Child Prodigies of Future India.....Patented Inventions By Indian School Students

1. Oxygen, carbon dioxide level indicator in the car.S R Valva, Tamil Nadu, Patent:- 5089/CHE/2013 The idea struck him after reading and hearing the news about accidental deaths in cars due to suffocation.  This brilliant student developed a system to detect the level of Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide inside the car and automatically open the window when carbon dioxide’s level go beyond safe. 2. Automatic blade swinging ceiling fan for easy cleaning. Atheerth Chandran, Kerala,  Patent:- 5139/CHE/2013 It’s quite difficult to clean a ceiling fan properly but this student came up with a genius idea. Atheerth developed a new kind of  ceiling fan. When you switch off the fan, the blades loop downwards so they could be cleaned easily and go back to normal when switched back on. 3. Step-lock system in bus. R Santhosh, J Rajasekar, A Nivashini, K Rathna, Tamil Nadu,  Patent:- 5120/CHE/2013 Santhosh and his friends observed this problem every day that people travel standing on door’…

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