12 June 2015

career Opportunities for MBA (Marketing)

"Any sufficiently advanced technology(Digital Marketing) is

indistinguishable from magic".....Mr. Arthur C. Clarke.

Have you just completed your MBA and looking for a job? Want to make an impressive career?
Whoa! We are sharing one of the future career Options for you. 

Make brilliant choices and WORLD WILL RECOGNIZE you. Go with the world and recruiters will plead hire you. Does it sound unbelievable???? Yes that’s possible only with YOU Mastering Digital Marketing tools & Techniques.

If flying with pace is your passion, then DIGITAL MARKETING is the right landing port for you.

India is the world’s 3rd largest internet population won’t be a hypocritical statement. With largest number of youth population and increasing Purchasing Power the growth of digital marketing is obvious.

For instance Flipkart, India's largest online store, the company aims to hit more than $1 billion in sales by 2015. There are 243 Million internet users in India. Total users may increase to 500 Million by 2018.

The CMO Council says India has third largest Facebook accounts. Lets have a gist at Facebook Ad Revenue Image shown below

Job opportunity with Digital Marketing

No wonder Digital marketing sector has itself become a brand for today’s generation. This word  has a pulling capacity for enthusiastic and dynamic job seekers.

It has been estimated that there will be 2.4 lacs job opportunities in Digital Marketing in 2016. 

The demand for Digital Marketing Professionals in India is far..far more than the Talent currently available.

"Every  Brand has put in place a

 digital marketing strategy for their 

Products/services and are struggling

to hire Skilled people to execute the same," 

The opportunities with Digital marketing are huge and job satisfaction is also guaranteed. The salary ranges from 30k for a fresher graduate to 1 crore per annum.  There are many Fortune 500 companies hunting for Digital Marketing expert. The table below shows the increasing job opportunities with lucrative salary package.

Few of the top Digital Marketing Companies in Mumbai are Webchutney, BC Webwise, Avignyata Inc, Windchimes, Flea Global etc.

The video underscores few crucial points mandatory for landing a good job in Digital Industry.

There's no reason waiting for. Opportunities doesn't come again and again. So, all the best buddies. Get Set Go. Opportunities are waiting right at your doorstep. Grab it. Pull it and make most of it.

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