07 July 2015

Only if you cant afford to be UNHEALTHY! and risk your work

Oops its already 7.30 AM and I am behind time. I guess I should skip my breakfast. How many of us have this very first thought in mind before leaving for office? Almost all of us.
Likewise, there are a series of such thoughts churning mind for the whole day and we easily compromise with our own self.
Sit relaxed, take a pen and a paper and note down your most productive workday in past month. On that morning, what did you have for breakfast? and here we GO! The food we eat affect us so much that we don't even realize in pool of emails, project deadlines, meetings etc.We spend most of our waking seconds in office. 
We are what we eat. What goes inside the body gets converted to glucose that provides energy to the brain. Our brain uses that energy to stay alert, to stay focused, to concentrate and to perform. 
Now we see the brain is such a hungry organ that we need to feed it in a right manner to attain maximum productivity. The energy level needs to be high enough to fight mental stress and exhaustion.
But is it so tough as it sounds??? NOT REALLY! 

WOW! just fabulous. Nature has bestowed upon us so much of brain food. What we actually need is simple permutation and combination of these foods in our office hours since we spend most of our time there. Lets see how???
A cup of coffee or a bowl of mixed fruits can boost your energy. The secret is to have sufficient carbohydrates and glucose for fueling brain after an eight hours long fast. After a while we can also add cereals and more proteins to keep energy level at par for the whole day.
BREAKFAST like a KING, LUNCH like a PRINCE. Vegetables provide more or less same nutrients as fruits but cooking them alter the level of nutrients. Its better to add sources of choline to speed up the signals going to your brain. If possible have a larger lunch. Ending your lunch with yogurts and then nuts can help in neutralizing blood sugar levels.
Having atleast 8 ounces of water everyday keeps you hydrated and regulates metabolic rate. One can also have tea like green tea that relaxes brain and helps in maintaining alertness. Fruits and vegetables juices helps to keep light and healthy.
Moderation is always the key. Have your meal with moderate combination of nutritive fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts etc. A smart and healthy combination always works wonder.

The trick is not resisting but selecting a healthy option. An action-plan makes easier to accomplish healthy eating. There are many research still done to find strategies on eating healthy at workplace. One of them says to make healthier snacking easy to reach. We can place a bowl of nuts, a protein bar or bowl of fruits near our line of vision. Research has also concluded the more fruits and vegetables people consumed, the more creative and productive they were. The right kind of food provides proper motivation and engagement.

Healthy food option is one of the key factor to maintain healthy-lifestyle at workplace and of course which is a must for creating healthy-environment at workplace.  Companies are being proactive and encouraging their employees to have a nutritive diet even at workplace. Ultimately the employee's health is the company's health.

The video shared below gives few tips on simple recipes for workplace.

Its simple, to be intelligent at workplace, we need to make intelligent action plan at work too.

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