21 September 2015

Get digitally empowered and educated to succeed and avoid the scam of education !

Why do I call education India's oldest and most successfully running scam?
There is because it is still  a scam on and there isn't a culprit in sight. There is no accused. No one is ever caught. No one complaints, everyone endures. Some enjoy its fruits and build their net worth, for only net worth is recognized. Perpetrators of this scam enjoy lifelong prosperity, great housing, top notch cars, foreign travel and even respect too. Once upon a time I called it better than kidnap Mafia. Kidnappers take away victims and ask for ransom. But in this case, parents pay the ransom and ask them to keep their ward for several years while paying for the upkeep itself.

What else a scamster would want? It is a scamster's dream all the way!
Please take a few moments to examine the attached newspaper report. It seems UP Government advertised for 368 vacancies for the post of peon. The post required schooling upto 5th standard and ability to use a bicycle. And they were rewarded with 2.3 million applications where more than 220,000 Engineers, Graduates & Post Graduates applied. There are 255 PhDs among the applicants. 
Now the scam appears to be out in the open. 2.3 million well educated Indians wish to work like a peon whose sole qualification ought to be 5th standard pass. Candidates who are only 5th standard pass are only 53,000, rest 2.2 million are college passed, degree holders.

What a stampede? People are falling over one another to become a peon. What an outcome of education? That is why it is a scam all the way. Right from Primary, through Middle & High School to Higher Secondary to Graduation, Professional Education, upto Doctoral Qualification - we seem to prepare the students for next round of billing & cash flow. Never are we preparing for work or employment or even entrepreneurship.

We have engineering colleges fighting with authorities to lower the standard of intake so that their seats may be filled regardless of the out come. Students who complete a 4 year program in 6 years are considered to be better for business of education. Such students provide all the participants, colleges, tuition centres, university, meal centres, private hostels, restaurants, stores in malls, and petrol pumps of the town more billing opportunities. It makes business sense to keep them failing.
For businesses too they are opportunity. They can be hired as low paid help. They may be asked to pay 'security deposit' for offering employment opportunity. Placement agencies can also have their pound of flesh. It is a the longest running 'benefit match' for the 'nincompoops of the district'. Wow!
The strange part is why the judiciary has turned a blind's eye towards such a scam. Why can't some court start a suo motto action, an inquest or a show cause notice, I fail to understand.

Moving forward

The new language today is the digital language. Whether we know it or not, we are already using it as maps, travel plans and even shopping is completely digital now. Digital skills are  required by businesses all over the world. Now that digital technologies are offering huge opportunities, there is enormous capacity for skills to drive the success of an economy. As a matter of fact, internet penetration in the Indian online user base is larger than U.S. This has opened many opportunities for students, entrepreneurs and working professionals. All they need to is to become digitally SMART. Both students and business professionals are our students. For we do believe learning never ceases for anyone wishing to remain relevant and successful.

At IDM we shall surely make our students an expert in digital marketing our skill based practical approach. We make our students empowered with the power of Digital marketing by making them work on live projects, with WRITTEN ASSURANCE of 100% Job Guarantee, a rare assurance indeed.

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