08 November 2015

Why Content is KING !!!

When it comes to Content marketing , we always focus on creating a new content.. Many webmaster & business owners have wasted ample of money in creating new content , but have either succeeded or failed in creating an impression..
Inspite of this we still follow the traditional method of creating a new content , wasting money on it & many a times failing to achieve..
So why dont we Update the old content & save in our time , energy & money instead of creating a new one ?
This may not be applicable for latest news , so you will have create a new stuff.. but what in case of an evergreen content that leads to maximum number of social shares & backlinks?
Such content gives you an oppurtunity to make yourself stand apart from your competitors & also such content never grows old. So, in 2015 what will be your call , work smartly or work trationally?

I would suggest to go for 60:40 ratio , 60% invest on new content but 40% on updating the old one.
Wikipedia would be a best example for this case..
What made Wikipedia became so popular and trustworthy is it keeps on updating the older content pieces on a regular basis. 
This is the reason, none of its pieces grow old and they always rank at the top of Google. The pieces covers everything but they aren't created in a single day, they are created after tons of revisions which continue everyday.

 We can take some learning from this Wikipedia example and update our older content present on some of our top landing pages. This would be extremely effective not only to the business but for the end user as well. Search engines highly value content that benefits the end user and this strategy of updating the older content might work really well.

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