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Digital Marketing in 2016

Transformation in the arena of  DIGITAL MARKETING?

 Digital marketing is not just a way of promoting , selling and distributing products and services online on channels like  Facebook, Instagram, blogger, Google+, youtube.etc. Digital marketing is also becoming  transparent marketing. we can market products from A to Z and services like transport, teaching ,hospitality etc. not limited to  purchase or sell the products online as well as you can get advertisement over there but Vital means of Authentic and Valuable source of Wisdom when needed most.

HOW TO START? suppose you want to market a cell phone with new features and want to reach out worldwide then 

Growth of Consumer durables in E–commerce.

Growth of Consumer durables in E–commerce. 1.Growth of consumer durable market online
E-commerce has nearly grown 375 million in 2015 . India currently ranks 9th in consumer durable market .India is expected to be the 5th largest consumer durable market in the world by 2025 . The consumer electronics market is expected to increase to USD 400 billion by 2020. It is riding the crest for country’s economic boom. Consumer durable with e-tailing is slated to become a significant channel yielding revenues of about 15-20 per cent from about three per cent now.
1.    Panasonic had decided to spend 20 per cent of its total digital marketing budget on e-commerce campaigns.
2.    Godrej Appliances is taking a different strategy. The company is tying up with marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart, besides its existing partner Indiatimes.
3.Whirlpool, which sells on its own e-commerce site covering 21 towns, is expanding coverage to 30 towns by the year-end

2. Most sold products online
1.Audio …

Digital India : Global trend

Digital Independence is a global trend . Many of the worlds prominent nation has 

followed digitization. India is the new entrant , who is entering into digitization 

with respect to initiative taken by Prime minister Narendra Modi . In July 2015 an 

initiative was taken for connecting rural areas with high speed internet access. 

Digital India is based on pillars of development.

Digital India not only ensures in giving services for governance and infrastructural 

level but will provide job opportunities in IT industry. The main aim of digital 

India is to create a wave of change in process of working (difficult format ) into a 

simpler and more clear version which would define the flexibility of work in future 

Digitization is today’s oxygen , it is a time saving measure to ensure that a 

citizen of India efficiently avails a government service in less time and in a most 

systematic manner rather than creating a loophole in the system.

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is the knowledge, skills, a…

Social-Media Jobs

Today Media Agencies, brand, Marketing agencies work in unanimous as a team to any extent.

Theres no gap as such. The integrity part makes them successful. Hence job requirements in the Marketplace though Focus on Specialist however know--how of Generalist attitude and aptitude is welcomed.
Brand Ambassadors should be chosen in such a way that there isn't an expiry date for them. Brand Ambassador's profile and attitude should be relevant to the chosen theme. When Tiger woods was caught cheating his own wife was dumped by Marketing Fraternity similar things happened with Amir khan.

 Fake profile and fake personalities on social media get caught easily by prospects and

customers. Authenticated content is the only key be it any sector.

3. Theres still gender biased factors on social media. A women if posts something on technology,

that content is mostly ignored. She cannot portray herself fully on social media due to obstacles

related to perception on social media.

4. PicsArt as…