12 January 2016

Digital India : Global trend

Digital Independence is a global trend . Many of the worlds prominent nation has 

followed digitization. India is the new entrant , who is entering into digitization 

with respect to initiative taken by Prime minister Narendra Modi . In July 2015 an 

initiative was taken for connecting rural areas with high speed internet access. 

Digital India is based on pillars of development.

Digital India not only ensures in giving services for governance and infrastructural 

level but will provide job opportunities in IT industry. The main aim of digital 

India is to create a wave of change in process of working (difficult format ) into a 

simpler and more clear version which would define the flexibility of work in future 

Digitization is today’s oxygen , it is a time saving measure to ensure that a 

citizen of India efficiently avails a government service in less time and in a most 

systematic manner rather than creating a loophole in the system.

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is the knowledge, skills, and behaviors used in a broad range of 

digital devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs, all of which 

are seen as network rather than computing devices. 

Digital literacy initially focused on digital skills and stand-alone computers, but the 

focus has moved from stand-alone to network devices. Digital literacy is distinct 

from computer literacy and digital skills. Computer literacy preceded digital 

literacy, and refers to knowledge and skills in using traditional computers (such as 

desktop PCs and laptops) with a focus on practical skills in using software 

application packages. Digital skills is a more contemporary term but is limited to 

practical abilities in using digital devices (such as laptops and smart phones).

A digitally literate person will possess a range of digital skills, knowledge of the 

basic principles of computing devices, skills in using computer networks, an ability 

to engage in online communities and social networks while adhering to behavioral 

protocols, be able to find, capture and evaluate information, an understanding of 

the societal issues raised by digital technologies (such as big data), and possess 

Digital initiative in Government

A website was launched on 1 July 2015 by PM Narendra Modi to keep a record of 

the attendance of Government employees on a real-time basis. This initiative 

started with implementation of a common Bio-metric Attendance System (BAS) in 

the central government offices located in Delhi.

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