09 January 2016

Social media jobs for us to grow and succeed!

Today Media Agencies, brand, Marketing agencies work in unanimous as a team to any extent.

Theres no gap as such. The integrity part makes them successful. Hence job requirements in the Marketplace though Focus on Specialist however know--how of Generalist attitude and aptitude is welcomed.
Brand Ambassadors should be chosen in such a way that there isn't an expiry date for them. Brand Ambassador's profile and attitude should be relevant to the chosen theme. When Tiger woods was caught cheating his own wife was dumped by Marketing Fraternity similar things happened with Amir khan.

 Fake profile and fake personalities on social media get caught easily by prospects and

customers. Authenticated content is the only key be it any sector.

3. Theres still gender biased factors on social media. A women if posts something on technology,

that content is mostly ignored. She cannot portray herself fully on social media due to obstacles

related to perception on social media.

4. PicsArt as a great mobile tool to play with Pics and optimise it acording to the requirement.

5. Still in India intellectual property in Digital Media hasnot grown full flefdge. Various norms

prevailing alters based ion individual and status.

6. Celebrities are now more on social media. Social Media has helped to cut down the middle men

from their social life. They can be what they are for their fans and convey what they want and the

duration too.

7. Message loses value if delayed. Using “Power of Now” gives sensical and relevant results.

8. An individual or a brand cannot be influential for a whole set of audience.

9. Companies are innovating more tools and techniques to collect data for research and are

optimising it for their prodcut.

10. Content needs to be original and catchy. It should not me merely for selling or endorsing.

11. Soical Media cannot work in isolation. They need to be integrated with goals and techniques

related to other aspects.

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