25 March 2016

Sacrificing the Childrens Future @Education, by Nazreen Fazal

How many of our of kids lose themselves at the production line that is school; expected to excel in things they have no interest or aptitude in and punished when they fall short in an arbitrary competency marking scale?

How many of our students hate books because they were thrown at their faces for a spelling mistake or an incomplete answer?

How many children fear speaking up because every time they opened their mouths they were told they are wrong since it isn't in the text books?

How many children know algebraic equations by heart but cower in front of real life problems?

How many children's innate curiosity and imagination is snuffed out everyday under the pressure to score more than the neighbour Sharma's kids?

How many potential writers, painters, social workers and entrepreneurs were sacrificed to amass engineering and medical degrees?

How many children sacrifice every waking hour to realise their parents' dream of a professional degree?

How many children are made to believe that a 9-5 desk job is the ultimate success they can achieve in life?

Answer just this one question, if nothing else:

How many more children's spirits will we sacrifice at the altar of "education"?

What have we done?

What are we doing?

What can we do now?

Important: who is Going to ensure the Right and Most appropriate process Being followed by Parents, Teachers and Society.