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With Urban mkts Drying up, entrepreneurs must go rural

Marketing guru offers some compelling insights into the potential of rural markets in India and urges entrepreneurs to tap its humungous potential. In his signature, unapologetic style, Bijoor says, "We not only have a stomach and a bladder but 46 other body parts and each one of them craves a marketing solution."

Brands which move electronically get seeded very deeply and Doordarshan is a killer brand in rural India, even today
Enter body part No 1, as Bijoor builds his case. "India has the world's second-largest population. Yet our penetration of brands and services is pathetic except for tea, which has the highest penetration. No other product or service comes even 20-percent close to tea in terms of penetration, which means there is an opportunity for everybody to go out and do things," says Bijoor, famously known for marketing ideas such as printing ads on eggs and hanging banners upside-down to grab eyeballs.
Also a walking encyclopaedia, he shares a little-…

Effectiveness of Rural Communication

Rural Communication has recently emerged as a key concern for communicators of both profit-oriented corporations exploring rural areas to expand marketing their products, as also by those in social service institutions trying to reach social (especially) health related messages in rural, tribal and far-flung areas in the countryside. Over the last 30 years, the field of communication has considerably changed in rural. There are various factors and mediums that have made the rural communication more effective.
Factors that make rural messages effective Mass Mediatelevisionradioprintcinema/theatresword of mouthvideo/verbal advertising on wheels.

Traditional (Non- Conventional) Media Puppetryfolk theatresdemonstrationsMelaswall paintingspost cardspostersBanners placed on Elephants & Camels.

There is an enormous utility of mass media in rural communication. However, the most effective among the rural audience is often seen to be traditional media. Successful communication is the key to a h…

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