15 December 2016

Growth opportunities or Grab opportunities?

Growth opportunities or Grab opportunities?

Today Professor asked what is opportunity? Every one in class was stunned and finding difficult to to answer this question, Our sir then removed 100rs note and waived in front of our class and asked do all of you know this game? Everyone nodded their head and said yes then he asked all us come and get it, all was shocked i ran and took that note Professor smilingly gave me that note and asked all of the class, Why you all dint turned up for this note then all were stunned, then our sir told this was opportunity and you all missed except Ajinkya He said "like this there are always Opportunities you have to find them and grab them"
Now the question remain Weather we have to Grow opportunities or Grab them,
Well the answer to this question is, We have to find ways to grow our chances so that we can grab them.The game which Sir thought completed too many unsolved puzzle in me.

"Opportunities don’t often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them." ~Audrey Hepburn

A Humorous Case Study:

A young man wanted to marry the beautiful daughter of a farmer. The farmer agreed but had a condition that the young man needed to first ride any one of his three bulls while holding the bull’s tail. The young man was happy, thinking this condition to be simple and manageable.
He did not ride the first bull as he found it too big to ride. He skipped the second bull, too, since it was bigger than the first. The third bull was thinner so, seeing that, he felt happy and jumped on its back but forgot to check for the tail. Because the third bull didn’t have one, he missed the chance to marry farmer’s daughter.
Moral: “Grab the opportunity” doesn’t mean being hasty.