14 December 2016

How useful is advertising communication for organisation??

Advertising or Marketing Communications means:
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 Any material which is published or broadcast using any medium or any activity which is undertaken by, or on behalf of an advertiser or marketer, to communicate or promote organisational products or service to end customer/consumer.
  • to which an advertiser or product manager has an full reasonable control
  • which seeks attention of prospect directly or indirectly towards product or service. 

what does it include
  • It includes a personality, it can be celebrity either from sports industries or from film industries 
  • It can includes cartoon characters/ animated ads.
  • Or character which is patent as companies mascot. 

Following are the example of above maintained points:

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Related image
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Affecting Your Audience

Successful communication in an advertisement involves focusing on a certain audience with information that meets consumers needs. Three main reactions that a good ad can trigger from viewers.
  1. First emotion, getting the target audience to feel something because of your message. 
  2. you want potential customers to think about what you have to say. 
  3. encourage them to take action, such as purchasing your product.
Advertising communication system
Advertising communication always involves a perception process and four elements.

  • A source 
  • Message
  • Communication channel
  • Receiver  
While , sometimes receiver becomes a source of information by talking to friends or associates about particular ad, this type of communication is termed as "word of mouth"
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