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Digital Technology - Effective Branding

In today's digital world, efficient branding is a necessity for all industries. For small businesses, branding has remarkable impact on how the company or business is received and performs at large. Getting things done in small businesses can seem like fighting a losing battle at times, with only so many hours in the day, especially of you are bootstrapping it. Ignore a small detail and the consequences can be severe. Small business need to watch out and avoid branding mistakes at all costs-crucial to ensure that a brad is being built towards a great role.
  A brand personality or identity makes the first impression of any business on new prospective consumers. You only get one opportunity to make a first impression, so it becomes all the more important to make it great. So, what is the appropriate way to make or maintain a brand's identity? Avoiding the six mistakes discussed can enable a brand to achieve great success  No distinctive element in your brand : The first mistake o…

Overview of mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing is the next generation trend of marketing products and services. People around the world choose mobile devices as their preferred medium to connect with other people through various social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Many businesses are now using various strategies to promote their product and services to reach out their audience. In the present world, mobile marketing is a common technique that almost every company is pursuing some kind of mobile marketing campaign. Through mobile marketing now people are easily ordering their meals from a restaurant, buy and read books/magazines/news and can also find their childhood friend all with a single tap on their smartphones.

“We are seeing a very fundamental shift where increasingly, particularly among the young demographic and in Asian countries, the primary access to the internet is not through the PC, but through mobile devices.”
- Vic Gundotra, Google’s VP of Engineering


Indian Pharma sales Growth in Digital era

The past of Indian Pharmaceutical industry:  It has started growing form last decade as many foreign players started understanding the importance of their existence in the Indian market. By the entry of foreign players, it has also helped Indian players be more aggressive and to use digital tools for the purpose generating more sales volume.

 In the early twenties, Indian companies were more focused on manual marketing tools and orthodox methods of selling their products but thanks to the forging players that they started using digital tools for the sales and other analytical things.

First, we have to understand thechallenges  and limitation faced by Indian companies by their manual  sales tools, when  a medical representative used to visit their customers for sales call they used to carry folder called as visual Aid some class also used to call it the prescription generator as it helped them in generating more and more prescription . but this tool has many limitations as it was made …

5 keys to a charming personality

Personality is the summation of one's inner and outer traits. It is singular entity exclusive to a particular individual. It comprises body language, intuitive intellect and confidence, the pivotal points that aid in differentiating one person from another. The inner traits are qualities imbibed throughut one's life span. Aspects such as confidence and intuitive development form the base of one's personality. Our appearence, body language and diction, further add more dimensions to it. Together they form an indestructible team.

Personality development is the overall development of thinking, perception, attitude, nature, mood, behaviour and activities thsat work in an individualistic nature. It is a tool to bring out one's innate abilities for self recognition and instill confidence to face the outside world. Personality greatly impacts one's career.

One needs a sound mindset to self introspect and weed out the toxic aspects. Also, there are multiple characteristics …

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