25 January 2017

Brand has story

Brand has some story

Brands are built with painstaking efforts and are valued by consumers because they offer a set of benefits that cannot be enjoyed elsewhere. More importantly a brand is a sign of trust And legendary copywriter claude. It is  observed several decades ago that brands are name that tell a story.

Every brand tells a unique story.One aspect of it is that it promises a particular level of service and quality. The question, “Who are you?” can be either simple or complex, depending how philosophical you want to get. Many people live their lives without really contemplating the latter. Brands don’t have that luxury. In fact, figuring out the answer should arguably be their first order of business – before any products stock shelves or press releases hit newswires.

A brand story isn’t just a valuable marketing asset, it’s also a brand’s guiding principles and impacts every facet of the organization. In other words, it’s not just a marketing message, it’s also a sales pitch and a roadmap for the C-suite.
Momentology surveyed the proverbial landscape and identified 10 brands that truly know themselves and their stories – and have had major marketplace impact as a result.