22 January 2017

Indian Pharma sales Growth in Digital era

The past of Indian Pharmaceutical industry:  It has started growing form last decade as many foreign players started understanding the importance of their existence in the Indian market. By the entry of foreign players, it has also helped Indian players be more aggressive and to use digital tools for the purpose generating more sales volume.
With TAB PHARMA sales are more effective 

 In the early twenties, Indian companies were more focused on manual marketing tools and orthodox methods of selling their products but thanks to the forging players that they started using digital tools for the sales and other analytical things.

First, we have to understand the challenges  and limitation faced by Indian companies by their manual  sales tools, when  a medical representative used to visit their customers for sales call they used to carry folder called as visual Aid some class also used to call it the prescription generator as it helped them in generating more and more prescription . but this tool has many limitations as it was made of cardboard so it weighted a heavier .so many people used to complain a lot. Because of the bigger size,it also used to occupy a lot of space secondly explaining a  graph was not a task every sales person was able to do. and most important was to grab an attention of the customer to the visual aid . as the pharmaceutical customers are visited by many numbers of sales peoples in many of the cases the number of sales persons  visiting the same customer was more 50 in a day with that high number grabbing the customer attention was a very tough task .

 Training a medical representative by using only pictorial presentation was not enough. it requires a lot to make a person understand the science behind the product.
TO take over these challenges Their was a no better option than to taking help of digital sales or a sales using Digital tools for example tablets.

Because of its compact size tablets started gaining more popularity over paper materials and tablets also weighted a lot lighter. so many companies started using tablets. explaining any graph with tablets was a lot easier and lot more fun so it becomes more popular in sales persons.  with the help of tablets grabbing customer, attention is also the lot easier .
Tablets solved many problems faced by pharma field force. for training team using videos to training, salespeople have proven effective way.

Using digital tools has benefited a the industry a lot and with coming years and challenges Digital tools are the best option available


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