17 April 2018

Digital marketing is the new marketing in 2020 and beyond for global success!

The new marketing is the digital one. This is a revolution that has impacted everyone. Let us know more about this.

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Even pricing has been affected in the digital era. What does pricing mean in a world in which customers propose their own prices or buyers and sellers haggle independently in auctions (as at e-Bay and many business-to-business auction sites)? We need to know if brands are more powerful or less powerful as we move closer to perfect information. Marketing research is totally digital now Companies can track every click of the decision making process. How can we shift from broadcast communications to interactive communication that provides information while educating, entertaining and ultimately persuading the consumer?

In this current timeline,  the entire human race wants to buy services and products by the click of a button. They want everything to be done fast and they want the results quicker. People are willing to pay higher for the things they want to buy. They want the information on the commodities as soon as possible from a reliable source. So to achieve this goal, they go on the internet. Internet is the fastest mode of gaining information as of now.

The traditional way of doing business has taken a turn.In B2B type of business model, the people have to go to the supplier/middlemen to give them the details about their requirements for their further business.But now they do not have to do so. They are now doing business on the digital platform, i.e on social media like Facebook or LinkedIn.

This is how business is pacing as of right now. Later in the future, there might be a simpler way of doing business.

These days business takes through video chats, chat bot messaging etc.

The content will always be the king of the market. and we need to work on this to make us successful. Digital marketing can transform the way SMEs connect and engage with their customers. Now with more customers, both current and potential, searching and buying online than ever before, digital marketing has become crucial. In other words, this allows SMEs to effectively put their brand in front of their target audience at the right time and in the right place, in a cost-effective and measurable way.

Let us take advantage of all this so that we are found online and increase our ROI.

All we do need to know the world is digital and utilise this global customer well. This is simple but we need to understand the language and process in this area completely to be successful.

We do need to know it well to master it. This is not that simple unless we make a serious effort to understand this new world completely. 

SMEs need to have a good strategy and students learn the processes well. As it has been said, if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

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