17 April 2018

Use a zero budget marketing strategy efficiently to march towards success !

Marketing is a very important aspect  of any BUSINESS, be it to start up or a well-positioned CMMI level 5  firm. What really makes marketing challenge is the risk of heavy investments and expectation of its ROI.What if one fine day you hear that you need to invest zero bucks into marketing and still expect the same ROI!!!.....We now show you how we can do this

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There are some strategies that are important for all in business. We share these with you.


We must love what we do and let it show! Connecting with someone with someone who is excited, passionate and happy, is completely different to doing business with someone who is grumpy, bored and even angry. We just need to be nice, friendly, helpful, focused and present for our customer and their needs. This does happen when we look at things we do love doing and can do passionately...


If we don't have a plan in place of where you wish to be, and how we want our business to be functioning in a year or 2 - then we are on the road without a map!  Start thinking about  a plan and goals that are achievable to set  the business up for a successful and profitable outcome.


We need to be organised with systems that will assist us and our clients. Simple strategies like having a diary,  a phone that works and has good coverage if it is a cell phone, a quick and easy system and standard in place to return calls if one misses some does make a huge difference

4.     SPEAK UP

 Network,  network and network – This does work. That doesn't mean we should impose ourself on everyone who comes into your space! Instead, it means to be prepared for what we will say when the opportunity arises or we  can create an opportunity to communicate with the person about what we do. Essentially, one should be shy but should  - speak up and be proud!


With online sites that will happily have our business submitted and shown on their directory for free - get out there! If we have a website,  we will find numerous businesses or organizations in your local area, state, country and also globally that will accept an online listing from us.


This is amazingly important to everyone we deal with. Building great relationships with our clients can increase business, profitability and longevity beyond your wildest dreams if done well.

7.     ADD VALUE

We need to add value to our clients in any way we can. Until we can afford to spend some $$$, a cold water or cup of coffee, a call, an email or a bit more time in getting to know your client goes a long way.


Many times people complain that their tradesman, doctor, hairdresser etc who was late? This must never take place. We must put into place a little system to be put in place  to ensure our client is respected and will come to you again.


There is a quote that states 'Only 50% of marketing works, do you know which half is working for you?' Amazingly many don't, and that's because they don't ask their clients that all important question.


Most of us need mentors. We don't need to walk this path alone, after all, anyone who has ever had a business knows what a huge task it is.  We do need guidance and let us ask for it.

These simple strategies shall go a long way in building your business. Go for it now.

Reference :  http://EzineArticles.com/5303

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