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Up-Skilling India in the modern Digital Age

People are known as "Human Resources" in companies. We do need to understand that human beings are actually valuable resources. Have we really understood this in India ? We need to examine and address this to make our country truly enriched and complete.
Industry Stats: In an article published in January 2018 by Economic Times, it was stated that 85% of engineers are not suitable for hiring. If this is the situation of engineers, then we can understand the condition of Diploma and ITI's .
This is true globally also, as we can see in the statistics below -

We do know that people are of course a great potential resource. Still, everyone needs skills to become resources else they become useless in their lives and a liability for  the nation. We do know that more than half of India’s population of 1.3 billion is below the age of 25.  It is also estimated that the average age of India’s population will be 29 by 2020. This may prove to be disastrous rather than a source of growth…