04 June 2018


As time takes its course things change, they cease to remain the same and something new is born from it. And the above statement is justified by the IT industry which keeps changing every day as a lot of small and large scale industries come up with their products to be displayed. They all have one goal in mind to see if whose product gains a strong foothold in the market. Artificial Intelligence is now the subject of competition around the globe. Now let us begin with what is AI, starting right from its inception to how it is being implemented in today's education system. 


When AI was first brought into the market, the motive behind the technology was to not only reduce the human efforts but also the brainpower required. Had anyone would have ever thought that this simple motive would further branch out and make its way through new applications. As history takes us back to the time when vacuum tubes were used, simultaneously, on the other hand, the logic for AI was developed by John McCarthy in 1956. And as the industrial revolution took its course many innovations took place. These innovations consisted mainly of the computer generations that were further introduced which gave the computer a new outlook. Later as the whole processing of the computer was abstracted into a single chip. It contained a vast amount of data, this chip was called as the microprocessor. This microprocessor was later modified into a system also known as an embedded operating system. The applications of this newly emerged system mainly consisted of traffic signals, washing machines and cell phones (Nokia and android). The crucial thing about the AI is that its scope is not limited to the talking gadgets and devices which work on oral commands as we perceive them to be. If the relation between AI and embedded OS was to be named or defined, it would not be wrong to say that AI is known for its decision-making capabilities in the Embedded OS.


Since AI stepping up in the market in the year 1980 by contributing to the development of several softwares. The role of this software was in helping the developer to build a gadget which was a genius combination of hardware and software. It did not take long for the newly born tech to make its way into the field of education. Though yet to become a rule and also a to-be-installed necessity,  the AI has come a long way.


As we look back to our old-age teaching methods. The AI by far has done the work of making the old system obsolete. Education is one of the means of developing the human mind. The AI benefits the minds of humans in such a way that it makes the study material more segregated and more user –friendly stuff that is easy to understand. Its dynamic and flexible nature has proved to be a boon for students as they can now have access to many real-life examples which our education system is unable to do.  The most unique feature that makes AI stand out from the crowd is that it is interactive. It helps in solving all the questions just like a human brain does. After the introduction of updates at regular intervals, efforts are being taken to take this system to a whole new level.


 After all its quite evident that the future of computer technologies in this digital era is AI and AI is the new paradigm through which it will pave way for other super technologies. So here we are left with the only conclusion that AI IS EDUCATION & EDUCATION IS AI.