14 June 2018


Off page SEO will help make your website popular on internet, so you can get more visibility on internet. With on page SEO techniques we can get visibility in search engines. But off page SEO techniques will help- to improve your position in serp(search engine result page). Here are some of page SEO growth hacks:

1. Creating shareable content
Amazing  content is always king in search engine optimization. Creating amazing and shareable content is a smart way to generating more and more natural blank links to out website or blog. Research often and keep your content always updated and fresh.
Creating Shareable Content

2. Influencer outreach
If you have created any content which is share worthy, then don’t hesitate to reach out influencer of country. Tell them to check your blog and ask for link backs from their blog. Make sure you get the links from completely relevant domains.
Influencer Outreach

3. Contribute as guest author
There are number of good and quality blogs that are open for guest post from various authors. Write and amazing research piece and reach them with the content for guest post. Don’t focus on quantity of link rather focus on quality of link. And also don’t keep posting multiple time on same guest blog site.
Contribute As Guest Author

4. Social media engagement
A major of page SEO technique is social media engagement. If you want to make your website or blog popular then engage  with people on social media platforms. Social media presence will help grow your blog or website and also help to get more back links.  Eg: facebook, twitter ,linkedin , pinterest etc.
Social Media Engagement

5. Social bookmarking sites
Social bookmarking sites are one of the best platform to promote website or blog. When you bookmark website or blog on popular social bookmarking sites, you gain high traffic to your webpage or blog. Eg: delicious.com,dig.com etc.
Social Bookmarking Sites

6. Forum submission
Participate in search forums which are related to your website and business and make a connection with that community. Reply to threads, answer people’s questions and give your suggestions and advice. Make use of “Do-Follow” forums. Eg: www.flickr.com/help/forum/en-us/,www.addthis.com/forum etc. 
Forum Submission

7. Question and Answer
One of the best ways you can get high traffic is from question and answer websites. Join high PR question and answer sites and search for questions related to your business, blog or website and give clear answers to these questions. Give a link to your website which will help in bringing you more visibility. Eg; quora, blurtit, asnwers.yahoo etc.
Question and Answer

8. Video submission
If you want to make your video popular, head to popular video submission links, give proper tittle, description, tags and reference links. It is one of the more popular way to get quality back links because all video submission website have high PR. Eg: youtube, vimeo, dailymotion etc.
Video Submission