12 November 2018

Don't remain outdated. You can indeed remain the latest with Later

Let us know more about Later,  a free tool that has helped many people organize, schedule and post images on Instagram. 

It’s the key to consistency and to be present when our audience is (even if we’re still in bed).

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Features galore

The most important factor is that Later is free. It allows up to 30 posts a month. There are a ton of scheduling options for you, but this is one of the only ones that is free. Also, we are not allowed to use an app that posts directly to Instagram (as in the app posts for you). All apps complying with Instagram’s policies, will have you “copy” and “paste” your caption as it opens up your image for you inside Instagram. This is because of Instagram’s policies that blocks third party apps from posting on your behalf to your feed.

Another feature we love is that we can type our full caption inside the app on your phone or on your desktop.
Tip: hit “enter” to create a line break when typing on your desktop and it’ll copy over on Instagram to help break up your paragraphs.
No more typing whole paragraphs with your thumbs! It is so much easier to get all your thoughts out on a bigger screen and keyboard, so we try to schedule as many posts as we can from our desktops.
We also love that when using the app on our desktop we can pull images from our computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive, instead of being limited to our phone’s camera roll. So nice! Take a tour of Later and invite your friends to create their own account so you can get more posts for free (each free account comes with 30 free posts).

Take your audience seriously

We hear from a lot of people that they are incredibly busy throughout the day, and that sometimes you forget to post at new times (or even to post at all). Some are only available to post at certain times so those are the only results you have to work from. We know that it does take time to gather the image, prepare and type the caption (especially if we are using our thumbs), and post. If we only post once a day, we are easily missing over half your audience. Social media posts, whether they are instagram or not, are active during the day from all the other posts that your followers see. The attention span on social media is not long. We have to be consistently posting throughout the day to get seen by your entire audience. That’s the bottom line.

Post while (half) sleeping

Later makes this incredibly easy. We realized that we were missing a large chunk of our work-outside-the-home audience by posting our first image on Instagram at 9:00 a.m. They were already at work by then! So we changed things up. We ensured that our meeting was scheduled in the morning post the night before (by loading the image and writing the caption) and saved it in Later to post at 7:45 a.m. One of us will get the buzz on our phone while we’re still warm and cozy in bed. All we have to do is hit “post, copy, paste” then add in our hashtags and we’re done. Easily posted in less than 30 seconds. 

 We used the same tactic at night. Sure, sometimes we’re up late working (or binging on Netflix) so we don’t really want to be thinking up a long caption or set an alarm to remember to post. We see a big increase in traffic if we post around 9:00 p.m. so we follow the same steps above to schedule our posts and hit a few buttons, and BOOM, posted.

Track, tweak and repeat

If we are super busy throughout the day and we don’t have many chances to try new times to see what the results may be, we get it. Later makes scheduling new times super easy. If you log into Later on your desktop, you’ll be able to drag and drop images to change what day and time to post. Want to try 6:45 a.m. versus 7:00 a.m.? We just need to slide up a little and the app will drop it in the new time slot. See your entire week or month at a glance to know when future posts are going out to make sure that you’re being tconsistent throughout the day (and don’t forget the weekend!). 

 We also love, love, love that one can “preview” what the account will look like. Say for instance that we have been feeling that your feed is getting too much of a certain color or photo type. We can preview your feed to see what images you could use to break up what we already have. 

Tag along

We have just started using is the ability to “tag” and group our media. So when we are ’re in the desktop version of Later you can view your “media library”. From here we can tag individual images so they’re easier to find later. When we tag images “coffee” or “blooms” or “hands”, our feed needs a shot similar to one of those, we can find one super quickly. Let us begin this now.

Try something new

We really want people to come out of their shell a bit and try a new type of post this week! Everywhere we have realised we need to keep trying something new. Know that your audience is constantly evolving so your efforts need tweaking every now and then to keep up with them. This is what makes people look up the Instagram aided by Later all the time.

In a sense, Instagram with Later makes us feel updated and evolved all the time. Let us all begin to use Instagram in the right way to stay updated and current all the time. 

This is what all businesses and people need to remain relevant to all.

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