01 November 2018

Digital marketing enables rural India to move towards growth and success!

The divide that we in India had between the rural community and the urban one was so huge that it became impossible for them to connect with each other.

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All this is changing with the digital media, especially digital marketing. 

Many new companies, whether in rural India or urban India, are ruling the market.  
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Success Stories

One example of very good digital marketing, in fact culture change is, Vicks #TouchOfCare campaign,  a story of a Transgender Indian mother who adopts an orphan child – Gayatri. This  campaign redefines that the family care in India goes beyond biological relations or a surname. Vicks that has always epitomized mother’s care while showcasing the real life of Gauri and Gayatri, has set an agenda for family care and change of cultural mindset.

Another very good business example is that of an entrepreneur who made his way out into the market by selling potato wafers and earning his name in the country as the most preferred food company.  A home-grown brand that is wearing its independence and entrepreneurial spirit on its sleeve is Balaji Wafers. Chandubhai Virani, the 60-year-old founder, and director has often said in many media reports about how many companies have approached him with offers to buy out his snack venture which is said to have had an Rs 1,800 crore turnover in 2017.

Other than business, edutainment is also very important for everyone in the whole globalised world. Children’s education is after all a need that everyone all over the world has. This was recognised by some people. Here ChuChu TV, an Indian edutainment YouTube channel is making a lot of news. This channel is the 43rd most subscribed channel in the world. It has over 20 million subscribers. over 15.8 billion video views. The channel itself consists of various YouTube channels for children that are dedicated towards creating 2D and 3D animation videos of traditional nursery rhymes with an incorporation of peppy music and an aesthetic style that are embedded in them. 

ChuChu TV has entered many other markets like  ChuChu TV Canções Infantis (Brazilian Portuguese) and ChuChu TV Canciones Infantiles (Spanish). They take their digital marketing seriously.  They collaborated with echoVME. After this, ChuChuTV garnered maximum engagement via various methods. As echoVME created high-quality interactive content to build trust among audiences, which were posted on regular intervals and from different genres. In fact, after some time, the collaborative efforts brought in 1.9 Million likes on Facebook and Global Audience Reach of 34,084,746 as of June 2017.

There are many more such examples of course. The whole of India is connecting and so, there is more business and redefinition of culture itself.

Looking up to them as examples, the rural market has been noticed, both as entrepreneurs and a potential market as almost everyone has a mobile and access to the internet nowadays.

With so many people living in rural India and so much talent there, we surely should not neglect such a huge chunk of our population. From the business point of view, it is foolish to not tap this market.

So far, this whole area was neglected and ignored. Because of this, the divide between rural and urban India was becoming wider.

All this is now changed in India. Products are just an example but the point is urban and rural India were looking at different pages of India. This is now changing with digital marketing.

As we can see, everyone is going digital and for this we do need to know the tools ourselves for 
which this is a hot career option now. The steps taken are very simple. We can easily make our business grow using the digital route.

Most companies are now catering to both rural and urban India. 
In the case of India, this shall surely make the whole nation prosper and become a world leader, slowly but surely.

This is shown in the following video of Muft Wifi too.

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