22 December 2018

Best ways to use AI in digital marketing to march towards succeed!


Artificial Intelligence-
Artificial intelligence is a machine with the ability to solve problems which are usually done by us humans by our natural intelligence. The work is devoted to making the machines intelligent and replace most of the work done by humans. AI is making its appearance so strongly that it has grabbed the attention of everyone. It is not much longer when AI like Jarvis from Iron Man will come along. With all this the questions like, Are machines going to take over? Are we going to lose our jobs? comes into context, the answer to this is, it is not going to happen for a while.

Machine Learning-
This is a subset of AI that enables machines to automatically learn and improve from experience. This has granted computer systems entirely new abilities. It learns from past experience. If a program can improve how it performs a certain task based on past experience then you can say it has learned. Here the machine can predict based on past experience. It is the extraction of knowledge from the data. Machine learning has software that makes it more accurate in predicting future action. This is built on algorithms used to predict the future output. So, machines can learn on their own.

Deep Learning-
Deep learning is a technique of machine learning that learns directly from data, that can be in any form like image, text or audio. 

Digital Marketing-
Digital marketing refers to advertising through electronic devices with the help of the internet using various tools like websites, social media, mobile, email, influencer, paid advertisement and search engine optimization. Digital marketing is a wide concept the more you know about it the more it gets deeper. The best part about it is that is never the same as traditional marketing, digital marketing gets updated and you will see new tools coming up frequently.

Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing-
Digital marketing is one of the many fields that this wave is disrupting. Here, it lets marketers focus on creating truly personal, relevant connections with engaged customers.

The new world

A whole host of new roles are now emerging in companies around the world. Working hours are becoming less restrictive, with AI doing much of the work a human would have to do outside of work time.
We must know that AI is a human creation that can be harnessed to enrich our lives in a multitude of ways. By using AI, we free ourselves up to think more creatively, to focus our time and effort on more subjective matters and, if we’re lucky, come up with the next big revelation in tech.


As AI is indeed here, we need to use it effectively to succeed in the digital world of today. There various tools and these are emerging all the time. Let us begin now to engage digitally with our customers. In all eras, embracing change is after all, the best way to succeed for change is the only certainty in life.

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