16 January 2019

Digital-Strategy for 2019

      With the advent of numerous Creative cognitive tools and Artificial Intelligence in the marketplace, Creation and Execution of Digital Strategy for Brands has become a challenging Proposition

    Peoples choice and taste of content is changing rapidly and significantly.

    Everyone wants Quality content and Impactful hance the pressure is mounting on Content creators

     Advertising has altered its dynamics completely. ADVERISING EXPERTS WANT TO MAKE THEIR ADS NOT JUST COOL AND APPEALING BUT Memorable too.

    Gone are the days to  debate about the pros and cons of digital media versus traditional media.

     With deep penetration of internet and smart mobile phones in Rural India most of the Younger generation has Hatched to Digital Bandwagon.


    The metrics for measurement are getting specific and precise. What and when to measure and how to measure is decided prior to launch of ad campaigns

                                              Cost Effective

      Digital media, not like traditional business persons, doesn’t demand that we pay all in advance and then wait for the results. It oftenly follows a pay-as-you-go item; whether you chose a pay-per-impression or clicks or conversion you only pay for what you use or utilise.Value for money is more in demand CMOs want to know where and How they are spending their money and what are the corresponding sales Numbers.


      Agility has entered and flexibility is on its phasing out trend. Digital marketing help us to reach target audience that we like to get in front of our works and in a manner that sound better with them. It could be with free effort posts or without paid, video ads, etc. and in case the campaigns wouldn't fare well, we can update, alter or entirely scrap them if need be.

               Automatic Optimisation as Per Platform

    Smaller brands don’t have the resources be it money, people or expert know how  to deploy on advertising and data analysis as they focus on the product or services. Digital marketing platforms gives us support by optimizing the ads based on type of  people engaging with them and show ads only to Target Audience. That being said it is important to review your ads on a daily basis because at the end of the day no one knows your customer the way you perform.

                          Storytelling is the New Mantra 

    Captivating messages with organic and paid promotions on social media are the new norms. On many of the products you will see the description content. If history images appears you will see Historic content, if product based image you will see price, quality, colour, size, resolution, delivery details.

                                 Customer Understanding

       Entire focus is on relation building and Delighting the customer. It is very important to understand that advertising goes on with how consumers interact with each other and from where they get information. Traditionally consumers used magazines and newspapers, nowadays they consume information on Google, Facebook and Instagram. It is important for advertisers to recognize these trends and arrange their advertising strategy accordingly.

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