14 February 2019

Mobile apps and AI define the digital age

Artificial intelligence has become a major part of the digital world we live in. Over the past decade or so, it’s become deeply ingrained in every industry from the medical field to the financial field. Most recently, AI has become a powerhouse in the realm of mobile apps. 

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Companies come thronging

Companies across the board are taking notice and integrating AI into their mobile apps in order to keep up.

In fact, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd has even made a point to predict that 100 percent of all enterprise cloud mobile apps will be equipped with AI within the next year.

The more AI-equipped apps become the norm, the more obvious it is that they provide major benefits. These are good for the businesses that employ them. Businesses have had to become much more mobile-focused. They have to shift their attention to how they can best use mobile platforms to their advantage, especially for digital marketing efforts.

AI technology exponentially raises the quality and capabilities of applications. It has also led to a huge boost in customer satisfaction. Through the use of AI-powered customer service technology and a more personalized experience, apps are able to interact with customers on a much more comprehensive level than ever before.

Connectivity through mobiles

Marketing through mobiles connects businesses with each of their customers. They do this through mobile devices. They ensure this is at the right time and at the right place. The message is also the right one. Usually, it     requires the customer’s explicit permission and/or active interaction.

We need to understand and figure out what our target market wants and offer it, align the target market with desired outcome, choose right tools, launch it and then track it along with making adjustments.

We should understand that building a brand  is our primary goal. Marketing a business becomes confusing on many occasions when we look out to find the best way to build a brand for us. We need to understand the digital world completely. 

The very nature of this digital world is dynamic. Changes and upgradation forms the basic properties of this world so it becomes a part of our survival mechanism that we stay updated with the digital trend.

The burden of bringing customers is challenging. We have worked with thousands of business owners in our various training programs. Through this, we have found that many business owners find it very difficult to generate regular leads for their business and are hence struggling to grow or in most cases even sustain their business. 

The digital world helps us identity many opportunities for all organisations to develop the strategies, processes and technologies. 

We first need to understand all our assets are in the digital world.

Users and mobiles

In today’s mobile landscape, customers expect a more personalized experience than they have previously been able to get. They want their apps to be tailored to their preferences and needs. Customers want applications to know them and be able to differentiate between them and other users. AI technology makes that possible and, for companies that want to keep up, has become an essential component of mobile apps. 

Restaurant and food delivery apps
Restaurant and delivery apps are a prime example of the level of personalization that needs to be incorporated into applications today. For example, apps for your go-to coffee shops, favorite pizza place or other delivery services are customized via AI and its counterpart, machine learning. These apps detail order preferences, frequent locations, allergies and even instructions for delivery based on the individual profiles created for each customer.

Streaming applications
Similarly, streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube have developed specialized  algorithms. These are for learning the kinds of programs each specific viewer enjoys. Those algorithms use predictive analytics to make suggestions and recommendations based on watch history, individual ratings and the types of programs frequently chosen by each user. That means no two customer queues and recommendations are the same as another, allowing for the most tailored viewing experience possible.

Although these examples are specific to the kinds of companies mentioned, they can be applied to any mobile app created for any business. No matter what the industry, using AI to personalize customer experience is essential. Additionally, because the algorithms in those apps adjust based on learned behavior, they will continue to perform better the longer they are used and will provide a consistently improved experience for consumers.  As a result, the businesses that integrate AI into their apps will see major benefits, especially when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Integrating AI

While it may seem like integrating AI is strictly beneficial for giving customers what they want, it’s even more valuable to the companies that utilize them. Implementing AI into mobile apps provides the perfect channel for gathering customer data to be used to a business’s advantage. AI technology can take massive amounts of data, sift through it and pull out any patterns, correlations or similarities found across the entire customer landscape.

The AI-collected data provides invaluable customer insights about which demographics interact with a company most often, where they interact, the amount of time and money they spend and what kinds of prompts create the best response. A deeper understanding of what motivates and engages customers is vital to keeping up with them and learning how a business can continue to progress.

That information can then be used to predict consumer behaviors and better inform sales and marketing efforts. All of those statistics become an extremely useful dataset for advertising purposes. That knowledge can aid in the creation of more effective marketing campaigns. From the creative layouts to the ad placements themselves, businesses have a much greater chance of getting their products or services in front of the most receptive audience at the right time on a much larger scale with the data gleaned from AI-powered mobile apps.

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