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Create your own persona digitally

What really is a persona? It is one’s identity.  It is quite easy to create one digitally in today’s world. It does of course require a lot of planning. To be effective, we need to understand the whole digital world. For this, we have to spend a little time in understanding the new world that we are in now.
It has never been easier to share our story. The digital media has made it so simple. However, we must know this is to be done constantly so that we are known all over the internet. How do we do this?

TechnologyThe best product or service in the world is of no use without getting it out there to connect with your audience. For this, we need to identify who our audience is and then move forward.Here's the good news. It's never been easier to get your message out to reach to everyone.And it only gets easier as technology continues to advance.
It has never been easier to get your story noticed by people.

Still, though it has never been easier to get your story out there, he…

Leverage digital technology

We can leverage digital technology only if we understand what it is. More importantly, we should understand what it can do for us.

Threat or opportunity ?
Do we see digital technology as an opportunity or a threat? It will become what we make it be.In fact, this is true for all areas in business and indeed, life. We can capitalise on anything only when we accept it.
Many believed earlier that the rise of digital technology would mean the decline of firms and the rise of virtual organizations. 
This is not all true.
This is obviously not true and has not happened. For if everybody could work anywhere, anytime, why would companies hire people and why would people want to work in an office? We have to understand this to leverage it. That’s for sure,
Make it an opportunity
We all need to understand the following in the current day and age.  a.The customer needs it
In the digital world of today, we have no choice. Most people operate digitally now so if we don’t get into this world, we lose the cus…

Digital entrepreneurship for professionals is necessary for all to succeed !

Digital entrepreneurship is a relevant socio-economic and technological phenomenon. It can be considered as the traditional entrepreneurship leveraging new digital technologies. It is a way of doing business in digital era such as social, mobile, analytics, cloud and cyber-solution.  It relates to business operations, invention of new (digital) business models and sharpening business. This way of doing business relates particularly to social, mobile, analytics and cloud solutions. It improves channels. It is important to understand that there is a difference between digital intelligence and mere intelligence. Digital intelligence engages with customers and stakeholders through new entrepreneurship and digital business.

We are witnessing a peak of initiatives across the globe. This is to foster the acceleration of digital entrepreneurial activity. It relates with the development of “digital start-ups”, with the growth for scaling business.
It can be defined as embracing new ventures and t…