24 March 2019

Create your own persona digitally

What really is a persona? It is one’s identity.  It is quite easy to create one digitally in today’s world. It does of course require a lot of planning. To be effective, we need to understand the whole digital world. For this, we have to spend a little time in understanding the new world that we are in now.

It has never been easier to share our story. The digital media has made it so simple. However, we must know this is to be done constantly so that we are known all over the internet. How do we do this?

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The best product or service in the world is of no use without getting it out there to connect with your audience. For this, we need to identify who our audience is and then move forward.

Here's the good news.
It's never been easier to get your message out to reach to everyone.  And it only gets easier as technology continues to advance.


It has never been easier to get your story noticed by people.

Still, though it has never been easier to get your story out there, here's the bad news.
It's never been harder to get people to listen or to care.

Nobody will care about your brand or marketing unless it speaks to them.
As almost everyone is telling their story online, you have to come up with a better strategy.
We know there is no sure path to marketing success, but the one sure path to failure is not having a strategy.

Once you have a real strategy that has been thought about completely, you have a chance of building a story online that will connect with your audience.


For this, first of all we need to understand everything about our audience, who are essentially both current and potential customers.

The fact is social media is about connecting with the people in our niche customers, potential customers, people who are interested in what we do or who share similar interests and circles and in the digital world, hubs with you. It’s about building relationships and networking, not direct selling, although selling usually that does come as a result.

The one way to protect our reputation online and also build content is allow place for more branding.
There are many websites out there where you can list your business locally and these listing will show up in the search engines.

The profile sites give us a chance to talk about our business and also gives us an opportunity to include our logo. This is quite powerful, and if we can get our profile on as many websites as we can then we increase our chance locally of gaining a number of new clients to our website. This in turn should result in more profits.

Here is a list of profiles sites we recommend you sign up for:
Go out there online and let the whole world know about you and your business.

Never stop growing the network (networking)

Expand the network of contacts and potential clients. Ask the best, most powerful, most influential friends or business associates to introduce the business to the five people they think we should meet to expand our business. Speak to all the contacts online on plans and future goals, tell them about why our business is special and ask for their advice. It is amazing how these new contacts pay off ten-fold with recommendations to us for new business and innovative ideas we had not thought of. 

Network the networks (networking) 

Network with friends and then request them to network with their friends. There’s power in numbers. Utilize this network to get the word out to your people who know people who know people. Don’t spam but give a personal touch.

Someone ultimately knows someone that can help you out...and believe it or not...they will want to. When networking, we should not focus on getting a referral or lead. Instead, the focus should be on helping others. If you help them first, for instance, by adding value to their life/ business, they’ll help you later.

Commitment with clients 

The difference between a successful company and an ordinary one usually boils down to an owner’s commitment to building (and sustaining) relationships with clients and prospects. It is of course very important to keep up traditional communication and PR. However all business owners should also be extending their relationships through online forums – website, blogs, and social networks. In the online world especially, conversations are happening all around you – are you listening, are you participating?

Become a thought leader? Be visible!

Listen. Listen, listen

Find your ideal clients. Then start following them! Spend a lot of time listening to them and their thoughts. By doing this, you’ll be amazed what they will tell you about their concerns, their ideal products, and their current frustrations with their vendors. This is indeed a great way to get open honest market research. This is easily possible now in the online world. 

Become an influencer

An influencer is someone who influences others. With a good digital marketing presence and strategy, you could aim for this yourself. For, having done all of this, you can indeed be an influencer yourself in the digital world.

Build a convincing strategy

A convincing marketing strategy you can use to sell your service or product is by telling true, credible stories. This is completely free in the online world. Earlier, it needed a physical book publisher, editing, distribution and so on but in the online world, all this is completely free. This needs to include awesome facts and incidents involving the product we are involved in. We can give specific and practical examples of what you have accomplished for clients. Stories could be written using real-life examples of projects we completed, specific problems we solved or successes we achieved. If our business is a start-up, create a realistic scenario about how we would help your ideal client overcome a typical challenge.

This could be related through articles, blog posts, public speaking or by publishing a special report. One needs to be constantly at it, though. 

There are many such options in the online world.

Join us to understand how to enter this world.

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