24 March 2019

Leverage digital technology

We can leverage digital technology only if we understand what it is. More importantly, we should understand what it can do for us.

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Threat or opportunity ?

Do we see digital technology as an opportunity or a threat? It will become what we make it be.   In fact, this is true for all areas in business and indeed, life. We can capitalise on anything only when we accept it.

Many believed earlier that the rise of digital technology would mean the decline of firms and the rise of virtual organizations. 

This is not all true.

This is obviously not true and has not happened. For if everybody could work anywhere, anytime, why would companies hire people and why would people want to work in an office? We have to understand this to leverage it. That’s for sure,

Make it an opportunity

We all need to understand the following in the current day and age. 
a.       The customer needs it

In the digital world of today, we have no choice. Most people operate digitally now so if we don’t get into this world, we lose the customer. This is a reality.
We must adapt our practises for the customer always. This is the only thing that can make us relevant and current. Otherwise, other people will do this and they will benefit.
b.      Be the driver
Be an enterprising entrepreneur who sets an example to others. Use all the processes that you have designed.

These processes will be completely tested and used only if you take the step. Never forget this for it is only then that you will know what is happening.
c.       Figure out the right process
Finding the right digital structure can be confusing.  Very often, we do it because everyone else is doing the same thing.

The right attitude is to understand what role new technology is to play in your business. You must understand what role technology can play in your business.

This will be done only if you are involved, as we said earlier

d. Find out the why

We need to ask ourselves why we wish to use digital technology and whether we wish to create efficiency or add value.

As digital technology is so pervasive even that simple rule can be confusing.

We need to ask how digital technology will affect what we offer.  Some businesses  use digital technology to do the same thing faster and cheaper.  Others create more value through new services.

Study, understand and finalize the technology that meets all the needs you have. This definitely requires understanding the digital world with all the facets.

It is only after we answer the above that we can proceed to finalize what we want.

e. Finalize the technology

Does the technology you finalized require a net increase or decrease in technical skill?  For instance, in publishing, the digital world brought a net decrease in the overall expertise required to publish and therefore created efficiencies while the web business required building new skills. If you require technical skills, get the expertise.

f. Understand the changes

New technology makes some skills obsolete and standards  more efficient.  Further, if we expect to innovate with technology, we will have to learn new skills. This should be learnt completely as you may end up missing something unless you understand the whole picture.

Make your website secure, too.


Web sites can be particularly problematic if they are connected to existing databases.  Standard web solutions could be easy to implement, but they are also easy to hack.

Many companies start out with a simple web site and then start building marketing and e-commerce functionality on them later. This should be made in such a way that there is no risk of leaking information.

Sometimes even adding a routine functionality such as a user forum can leave proprietary information exposed.

Take a decision soon

Digital technology is an ongoing exercise for every firm, as it is so dynamic.  Many successful, companies have found their business models disrupted by faster and cheaper digital players. Here, newspapers are a prime example.

Further, the questions of core value, expertise and security are not always clear cut.  A good answer today may not be so good tomorrow.  In the end every firm needs to decide and keep revising their decisions.

Content is definitely required here and has to be revised every now and then.

Content rules

Essentially, we should understand that we need to build an identity online in the digital world. This is no longer an option but a necessity for all of us.

On a social web we are defined by content. This is the bottom line.

The image one shares on Instagram, the video on Facebook or the in-depth post that displays thought leadership are all about completing the online. 

One piece at a time - our image, our influence and essentially, our online identity emerges. The more excited we are about the potential of content, the more effective it will be.

Every piece of content leaves a perception, a trail and becomes our virtual identity.

The power of online content is such that once we release it and let it free, it moves about the web and into dimensions of cyberspace. After this, it is crawled and indexed by search engines and is shared on social networks and then emerges on search results.

Many people are daunted by creating online. The fear of being judged and criticism fear holds many people back. We must know that unless we are open, we shall never grow.

Perhaps the first video, media and even writing may not be perfect. Still, they will evolve. After all, even diamonds start out a little rough.

We all know content rules, but what kind of content should we use? We should always use relevant and related content the reader can use. This approach should be able to attract users whom you wish to attract. After this, you must position you and your business as an expert in those areas. These needs to be thought about with imagination and creativity. For instance, if we are selling children’s toys, write about parenting tips. The content area should utilize the product if possible, but mostly it should have related content that attracts parents to your site. This is the way our brand would become popular and well visited.

In Sum

This it is not a decision to be taken lightly.

Join the digital world NOW to remain relevant in this era.

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