26 April 2019

Exponential Growth by video-marketing

Leveraging video marketing for the best results.

Image source: hubspot.com

Brand and videos

According to a report from Hubspot research claims that 54% of consumers want to see videos for their brand. It absolutely acts as a catalyst in our marketing strategy. 
According to Forester research, 60sec video is equal to about 1.8 million words. The message conveyed through video has a massive impact on a targeted audience rather than infographics or images. Several crucial aspects of marketing like branding, lead generation, promotion of our product or service can be attained if video marketing used very precisely. In the coming future, it will have undue importance since it is one of the best tools to trigger target audience emotionally. A  recent survey claims that to seize audience attention marketers only have 2.7 secs (MARKETING MAG), so it is the time where you attract your audience. 

(ANIMOTO) claims that 46% of consumers watch more video on social media on than on television so this itself speaks how important is to include video marketing in our marketing funnel. A recent survey by (CISCO) claims overall 80% of all traffic will comprise video by 2021 on the web. A small list states some important reasons to have video marketing in our marketing strategy.

a) Generate Better ROI
Even video production is not very economical but it pays off big time but nowadays editing tools are quite affordable and are up to reach of every marketer. So if one makes the best use of video marketing strategy he is bound to get better ROI.

b)Video builds trust
Trust is the strongest pillar in the marketing strategy. Video plays a crucial role in building trust with your customers. Sometimes customers are slightly skeptical about online purchaser because of online scams. But if effective and smart video marketing strategy is implemented definitely there is a good scope of conversion from four targeted audience group.

c) Strengthens emotional connection with the audience
The only tool to trigger human emotions is because it offers a stack of attributes beyond traditional marketing medium. As a result, marketers can convey their message to a targeted audience. The best feature of video marketing is that it can explain all aspects of our product and service in a single step ie (Single Video)Hence entrepreneurs mainly have e explanatory video on their homepage of their websites.
Video marketing on social media pages gives good traffic reach to our content. As a result, there is a good engagement  which gives a marketer a good scope of conversion Hence video marketing is the most powerful strategy practice nowadays.
d) B2B and B2C sales
Video marketing also plays a key role in B2B & B2C sales.  Research by(GOOGLE) claims 70%  of B2B  customers prefer video on their track of purchase. If a marketer is in position to close B2B sales online, then he is hitting customers through multiple channels like a blog, email, etc.
It is rightly said that 'Content is a king'. Through video marketing this can be definitely proved by adding and generating relevant content to our video.

As stated earlier it's not  very costly to have a video marketing strategy in our marketing funnel small investment can generate outstanding results only fragrance required is creativity which will have a good scope of delighting customers  through fine quality content having in it, Hence we cannot deny the fact video marketing is very powerful and robust strategy of marketing. The only step required is to produce relevant content and keep engaging with our targeted group and mould our strategies as per customers requirements. which will, in turn, give good results.

e)Better engagement
With video becoming the language that reaches out to everyone, we must add video for better engagement.
f) Virtual identity 
These create our virtual identity. In fact, identities around a digital hub are now big business. For instance, just recently the LinkedIn “Digital Hub” was sold to Microsoft for $26.2 billion after being established only 14 years ago.
Today, we must be visible online everywhere. It is no longer a choice. This we must do to survive in the new digital world.
In sum : Invest in the future
We need to know that change is necessary in the fast paced world of today. 
After all, we live in a DIGITAL world and the very nature of this world is fragile. Changes and upgradation form the basic properties of this world. Hence, it needs to be part of our survival mechanism that we stay updated in the digital world.
Essentially, it is all about changing one’s mindset. Our mindset on this must be one of investing in the future and not as a painful expense to be tolerated. The return from this digital machine will definitely surprise us when it is done well.
Do see the following video that also tells us this

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