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I'm lovin' it !! - McDonalds digital strategy

An example of great digital innovation can easily been seen at the ubiquitous mcdonalds. This has not happened overnight. They have made it happen and we can too, if we learn lessons from them.
Image source : McDonalds website

Bold Societal Impact

McDonald’s is growing fast. Its Velocity Growth Plan is an aggressive one. Its goal is to create value for stakeholders by serving more customers more often. It aims to retain customers by fortifying strengths, with focuses on breakfast and family occasions. It also plans to regain lost customers by improving food taste and quality, and offering more convenience and value. McDonald’s also wants to convert customers from consumers of burgers and fries to those who buy coffee and snacks.

Digital innovation

These innovations usually take years to deliver, especially when rolled out across several geographies, but McDonald’s is building an application network that uses the Anypoint Platform. 

This application network connects e-commerce systems and other back-end databases, creating reusable APIs (application program interface) for customers, locations, orders, offers, and nutrition. Disparate systems can be integrated to create customer-facing applications for web, mobile, social, and restaurant kiosks.

McDonald’s has successfully launched these new disruptions to streamline the menu and the ordering process and has introduced effective initiatives that have changed customers’ perception of the brand and value. Customers see that an elevated customer journey makes their food taste better.

It is a game-changer in the fast-food industry, offering a different level of convenience to its millions of customers in the US, and worldwide.

Digital innovation

With the kiosk, the ordering process shifts from the cashier to the customer. In-store customers place their orders on a giant touchscreen menu, the same way they would when ordering online through the app. The digital kiosk allows customers to view the whole menu and customize their orders, and pay via credit card. Customers paying cash can proceed to the cashier. Customers then receive a claim card, sit down, and wait for the food to be delivered to their table.

McDonald’s Velocity Growth Plan

Golden Arches' This has ingrained so much in the customer's minds that when you travel on the highway and you are really hungggrrryy!!! you just look out for the BIG M, isn't it? Not to forget the other brand elements i.e the packaging, the trays, the fries holder etc.they just don't let you slip their name out of your mind. Boy, you are hooked!! This is a departure from the traditional ordering method, which relied on the cashier to process orders and payments. McDonald’s believes this shift to automation personalizes and elevates the ordering experience of customers.

Sounds familiar to your ears? You guessed it right, that's McDonald's. It is the leading global food service retailer in the world with 37,000 locations across 120 countries. Whew!! that's huge. It's amazing to see how this brand has been there for decades and has constantly innovated itself and been on top of mind of its customers, be it the die-hard daily ones, frequent or occasional ones.

They know our attention spans are short as adults and a research done has shown it’s even shorter than gold fish because we have many more going on. In fact, Microsoft found that since the year 2000 (or about when the mobile revolution began) the average attention span dropped from 12 seconds to eight seconds. 

In essence, we only have about 5 to 10 seconds to really throw a pitch at customers, and if you don’t get them interested in that length of time then they’re on to something else.

Knowing this, they have designed a lovely elevator pitch, “I’m loving it”

What better way to connect with the millennials and first-time voters who love  McDonald's, social media it is!! The video has been doing the rounds on social media and has gone viral on Whatsapp,FB Twitter.Not only did the brand talk to them about their responsibility but also gave them the assurance that they would get what they want only if they exercise their right first. And I am sure that the customers will enter a McDonald's beaming with pride after they have voted and order their favorite and biggest BigMac!!

They even have a video for it... like given below.

Let us know what do you think about this piece of communication. 

We will be back with more brands like these with innovative communication soon. Till then, remember the tagline I’m lovin it !''

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