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Why should we be visible everywhere on SMM?

SMM all around us

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is essentially internet marketing. They use the benefits of social networking sites. As a result, it becomes a tool for promoting websites and increasing traffic towards them. Most importantly, it becomes a platform for learning from users’ direct reactions.

Let us first begin with brands and positioning as this is extremely important for marketing. media marketing.jpg

Brand and positioning

A brand is all about positioning. It could be aspirational, quality or price. Is our brand memorable or eminently forgettable? What do we want to convey? Does our online brand make people laugh and enjoy life? Do we wish to share inspirational stories or is your website going to be serious and informative in nature? 

This may sound hard to measure but the human reality is those brand impressions are everything as far as marketing is concerned. The hard facts that are defined by our brand are what digital data tells you.
Is our brand shared more online more than our competitors’ brands?
What are the keywords or hashtags used when it is tweeted or shared on Instagram? What brand content attracts the most traffic?

What is the brand sentiment? Is it positive or negative?
What are the star ratings for the online reviews of our brand?
Brand building is a wonderful asset in the digital world. An asset that is both easy to make but hard to measure. The fact is that each and every discovery of our brand is building a digital imprint of the online world.

In the online world, you need to be everywhere. This really is what capacity building is in the digital world.

Checklist for brand building – Click on each of the following

1.      Submit your Site link on Free Site Link Submission Sites
2.      Article parameters that need to be followed are:
·         Properties – Alt tags of Image
·         Search Description
·         Location (India)
·         Title tag
·         Reference link
3.      Article Submission
4.      Quora (Questioning and Answering)
5.      Forum Submission
6.      Local Classifieds
7.      Social Bookmarking
·         Hoot suite
·         Reditt
·         Digg
·         Sniply
·         Scraper
·         Owler
·         Hubspot

Social Media Posting

These are the platforms we should be visible in
·         Facebook
·         LinkedIn
·         Twitter
·         Pinterest
·         Instagram

·         Whatsapp

Content must be distributed evenly in personal id and groups. It must cover all group dynamics, add tags, keywords, highlights.

Share it with your friends in order to get Likes, Shares, and Comments after the first-degree connection.

Upload the content on blogger and share the link to get it read by the content readers.
Know the influencer(s) in your groups, be it Google+, Facebook or any platform

Refresh your feed in your social media groups to get it liked an get a perfect engagement ratio.

Timings need to be appropriate while posting on any platform.

Leverage Facebook

We often think of many avenues but ignore the ones most visible to us. This is Facebook,  of course. Facebook has billions of users, increasing all the time. As we know, it has the biggest, most demographically varied user base of all social platforms.

It is surely used most often, by most people, for the greatest amount of time.

Many users spend nearly an hour a day on this platform.
It has the biggest audience in the 50 yrs plus age group too.  If you wish to focus on millennials or younger generations, they can be found on Facebook.

As of now, organic reach has dropped off and it’s likely that only 5% of your page following (and these are the people who’ve already shown interest in your brand) will see any of your content. If we are investing in creating valuable blogs, creatives, webinars, etc then they need to be seen.

Boosts can help increase this, but advertising is the only way we can get really targeted, attract new audiences and drive actions.  We will surely get a much better ROI on advertising than just boosting.

Focus on many objectives

Facebook ads focus on a variety of objectives from growing our page following and building awareness to improving engagement and driving website traffic and conversions.  Whatever our business objective may be, Facebook ads can be optimized for it.

Proven value

Many marketing experts use Facebook advertising regularly, which is roughly 3 million businesses.  They focus here as it is possible to get great, proven returns on investment.
The success here can be tracked in detail and directly attributed to advertising activity and this can help in setting budgets and making decisions on where to focus our efforts.

Link with Instagram also

If our audience engages mainly on Instagram, we would need to use Facebook ads to target them. Facebook owns Instagram and if we want to do anything more targeted than a boost we will have to get involved in Facebook ads.

We can even choose to serve ads just to Instagram, so all your ad spend goes to your most valuable platform.
Even if we don’t make the choice, Facebook will start to weight its ads in that direction to get us the best possible return on your investment. If we want to focus on Instagram, we should plan to create our ads to suit that platform e.g. square images, that will look good in people’s Instagram feed, with our messaging in the first line of the copy.
The algorithm will look at our audience and serve ads to those that fit our target in the places that they engage the most.  In the ad launch phase, it will learn, from its testing, which people in the group are responding most positively.  It will then seek out more people that match the target.

B2B targeting

LinkedIn and Twitter are famed for known for being the go-to platforms for B2B audiences yet this same audience is active on Facebook.  It is more likely that people visit Facebook more often and for greater lengths of time.

Video updates

Watch what social media is on youtube as well

Source : Chris Lann

In Sum

Each platform has its own merits. We must leverage it optimally seeing which is best for us. After all, SMM has become very common with the increased popularity of websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Join us. With our experience, we shall guide you in all these areas.


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