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06 May 2019

Say yes to AI and Video : Explore AI and video without the hype

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Noone can deny the fact that AI has a huge impact on several marketing strategies. This is quite prevalent all over the globe today.

Be it is a startup or multinational billion-dollar company, AI plays a vital role in video creation as well as promotion.  AI tools and techniques marketers enable customers to gauge their targeted customers specifically. Hence brand marketers, as well as companies, create videos which are viewed by their targeted groups in a short span of time. This is absolutely essential in today’s digital world.

We all know that building a brand that sells is still our primary goal! Marketing a business becomes confusing on many occasions when we lookout to find the best way to build a brand for us. We now need to understand the digital domain and its pattern.

We live in a DIGITAL world today. We must realize that the very nature of this world is fragile.  Changes and up-gradation are part of this world so it becomes a part of our survival mechanism that we stay updated with the digital trends. If it was survival of the fittest earlier, it is now the survival of the digitally enabled in this fast-evolving world. 

The burden of bringing customers to your business and building roads to your brand is often a difficult task. We have worked with many, many business owners in our various training programs. In this, we have found that more than ninety percent of business owners find it very difficult to generate regular leads for their business.

Therefore, many are struggling to grow or in most cases even sustain their business. For this, we must understand AI.

Few of us today interact frequently with robots or take a ride in a driverless car, but our daily lives are increasingly affected by AI systems. These can recognize speech or images. Further, they can also analyze patterns of online behavior (to detect credit card fraud or serve up appropriate adverts, for example).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now only be seen in the super-smart humanoid robot form.  The reality is that it is now more commonly implemented as behind-the-scenes algorithms that can process 'big' data. This accomplishes a range of relatively mundane tasks far more efficiently than humans can. All of us need to understand how to use this efficiently.

Little wonder that the recent boom in this kind of AI is being spearheaded by internet giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Baidu, and others.

Our attention spans are short as adults. In fact, a research done has shown it’s even shorter than goldfish because we have many more going on. In a research, Microsoft found that since the year 2000, the average attention span has dropped from twelve to eight seconds. 

This is everyone needs to explore AI.  We give you some reasons why AI is used in video marketing as well as for promotion.

Personalization to targeted customers:
By using AI in video creation marketers can create a video to send a specific personalized message to his targeted group. This is possible when we understand the digital world completely. This creates a bond with customers. That in turn helps and nurtures the product or service and increases ROI as well. 

Real-time updates:
While viewing a particular video if viewers leave or click away, we need to make note of it. We can reduce the length of the video so that it keeps viewers engaged. They, they may view the full video and understand what message company is trying to convey them and they also simultaneously get engaged in it by taking required action for same.

Flawless blending of audio and video
The practice of audio insertion was difficult earlier because it was not possible simultaneously inserting audio along with the video which was being created or edited, With the use of AI  this method is possible. It saves large span time for a video being ready and published.

There are many reasons why AI is used in video marketing. It possesses some outstanding software involved in it which can create an amazing video which has a great knock-on human mind hence triggering their emotional quotient level. Some of the  tools enlisted below are


This is one of a premier AI enabled video marketing tool in which by mere uploading content,  it allows editing video on the runtime basis. This increases users involvement in a video for a longer span of time which gradually increase their engagement.

Raw shots
By using AI technology, this tool sees the script and generates video which is ready for publishing this is the speed and by using drag and drop editor editing is also possible. This is the power AI has.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC
This tool uses machine learning technology. It is capable of matching the skin tone of characters and surroundings through which a unique video can be created. For smooth functioning, it automatically generates background music as well. 

We are have seen the power of AI in video creation and promotion. It is very important as well as necessary to grow our venture to use AI to reach this level. 

AI  involvement in video strategies are there. There are indeed many innovations and upgradations research level going on to enhance video creation and make the best use of the human  creative  mind to generate premium videos. This will be beneficial for organizations as well as respective targeted groups which will give  huge benefits for  both organization and customers involved.

For this, we have incorporated all aspects of AI in our courses where we teach the importance of video in marketing.


We show a video from - https://www.edureka.com that shows us this and a video from Siraj Patel that shows us this. 

We give you some video links below



Do join us to become part of the digital world.

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