27 May 2019

Powerful tools to make you succeed in SMM

SMM is indeed here to stay for sure and is growing all the time.
We explored many tools and bring to you some that we must make note of

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1# Later – Instagram Scheduler

Later is one of the best social media marketing tools to plan your visual content marketing.It’s an easy-to-use tool to schedule and manage your Instagram posts via any devices such as the computer, iPhone, tablet or android so that you can manage your account from anywhere. It has an ability to add team members and this is a keynote in this particular social media marketing tool.
Free Plan: Available
It has a  free plan that allows you to publish up to 30 posts and 2 reposts per month on an Instagram profile. There are also a couple of things such as it helps to socialize with Facebook, Twitter, and other marketing tools as well.
Other Premium Plans:
For Individuals: 9$
For Businesses: 19$, 29$, 49$

2# Oktopost – Social Media Management aimed at B2B Marketing

Ocktopost is a social media management tool which is specifically designed for B2B companies.It allows you to curate engaging content, schedule it and then measure its effectiveness. Also, with this tool, you can listen to the social conversations that are really important for the growth of your business. It has a unique ability to manage large social media teams. This is a major plus point for this tool.
Free Plan: No (Demo Available)
Pricing is determined by the organizational structure of your company (number of marketing teams), user seats, social advocates, and social profiles, with additional features such as Marketing Automation integration and Twitter Insights available for purchase.

3# Tagboard:  Social Search And Display Platform
Tagboard is one of the best social listening tools. It is extremely easy to use as all you have to do is plug in a term, topic, or hashtag, and you’ll see how that topic has been discussed in the social sphere. The tool furnishes an advanced way to monitor your brand and product mentions. It iis also good at  generating new content creation ideas & audience engagement strategies.

4# FollowerWonk:  Twitter Analytics Tool
This tool is particularly designed for Twitter. It is actually one of the most in-depth and useful tools on this list. It helps you to understand and optimize your Twitter audience. It is also adept at suggesting people for you to follow which ultimately help you grow your audience. Do note that if Twitter is part of your social media marketing strategies, this tool is a must-have.

5# Everypost: Manage Multiple Networks Simultaneously
This makes it easy to analyse content all in one place by pulling together relevant multimedia from all the social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, RSS feeds, and more. Using this, you can schedule your posts and customize them to suit the audience of each of your social platforms. That way, you are able to maximize the effectiveness of each and every post.

6# Feedly: Content Aggregator
It is best known as a content discovery tool, like BuzzSumo, but its working is a little different. This is a content aggregator, and you can use it to collect content from any number of different areas, combining your ideal reading material into a single feed that you can peruse at your leisure.
Free Plan: This allows Up to 100 sources & 3 feeds
Other Premium Plans:
Pro: $5/m
Team: $18/mo

7# Bitly: URL Shortener
This allows you to shorten any URL so that it fits nicely across your social media channels. These URLs then work with any channel on any platform. It enables you to even track your campaign results with individual link analytics, and then optimize your marketing efforts based on the insights you collect
Free Plan: Yes

8# Headline Analyzer: Write Headlines That Drive Traffic
This  analyzes every type of headline. It converts and tells you the right number of words and balances which can be used for your type of audience. It also suggests the optimal character length and creates easy to digest headlines for your readers.

9# Tailwind: Pinterest & Instagram Scheduler
This is a tool that helps you to succeed on Pinterest and Instagram. It helps you optimise Pinterest, where you can pin to multiple boards at once, bulk upload, and schedule posts with the drag-and-drop calendar. If you want to give it a spin, you can try it out for free.

10# Sproutsocial: Social Media Management Software
This is an all-in-one social media marketing tool to help managers better control their efforts. It features include multi-level access, allowing directorial control, and access from lower-level team members to better coordinate and delegate tasks.It comes with full post scheduling capabilities, a detailed analytics platform. It even has a social listening platform to better understand how your demographics use your platforms of choice.

11# Agorapulse: Simple & Affordable Social Media Management
This is one of the simple and affordable online marketing solutions to social media management. It comes with all the basic scheduling and analytics features, and you can also run contests, quizzes, and promotions.It even allows you to see how your social media marketing campaign stacks up against your competitors. If you want to try it, they offer a free trial.
Free Plan: No, free trial available
Other Premium Plans:
For solos: $49/ Month
For small businesses: $99/ Month
For small agencies: $199/ Month
For large organizations: $299/ Month

12# Adparlor: Create Free Ad Mockup
This helps you to create free ad Mockup for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
Free Plan: No
Other Premium Plans: Pricing is determined by the organizational structure of your company

13# Visage: Design Social Media Graphics
This is a tool that helps to design companies social media graphics which are perfectly optimized for each social media platform. With this, one can easily manage the brands time and approve graphics templates to ensure consistency across all over your designs. Editable designs allow us to collaborate with our team to update its graphics with the certain set of rules.
Free Plan: No
Other Premium Plans: Pricing is determined by the organizational structure of your company

14# Audiense: Discover New Target Audiences 
The audience is known as a social intelligence tool that allows you to discover new target audiences, and a segment on your own. Most importantly, it helps you to understand your audience by telling you how they click. Audiense helps you to optimize your audience engagement at scale with tracking and reports.
free 14-day trial

15# Tweepi: Manage Your Twitter Followers
This is a tool specifically for Twitter which helps us get more followers. First, it finds relevant users who are interested in your topic. Then, it helps you to engage those users by mentioning them in tweets, adding them to a list, or following them.

16# IFTTT:  Apps and devices working together
IFTTT is an acronym that stands for -If This, Then That”. As many have the same social media marketing tool, one can combine different tools together to create individual sets of instructions. For instance, we can set it up to send a tweet every time we make a new Instagram post. It’s a bit tricky to get used to at first, but we can use other recipes to simply plug and play. Best of all, it’s completely free to use.

17# Socialbakers: Engage & Grow Your Customer Base
It is a suite of tools that help you to make social media decisions based on analytics. It helps you  measure your performance versus your competitors, use those insights to improve your content, and then monetize your campaigns by budgeting more effectively. The tool will help you in boosting your customer acquisition, retention, and growth.

18# Socialflow: Social Media Solutions for Publishers
This allows you to schedule your posts based on actionable data about when your target audience is active and what they are engaging with in real time. All one has to do is upload one’s  content to a predefined queue. The software will then use the real-time data it collects, along with our own business rules, to determine which posts to publish to which platforms and at what time. Essentially, it takes all of the guesswork out of social media.

19# Socedo: Using AI to expand and engage our B2B audience
Socedo is another social marketing tool that automatically discovers the people on social media who fit your buyer persona using real-time social behavior to pre-qualify those people. Once we have that audience, we can divide it up into multiple segments and promote multiple products, all in one place.

20# Hubspot:  Inbound Marketing & Sales Software
It helps to generate more blog ideas. We will never fall short of blog ideas for your content. By simply putting nouns here and there, this tool will do magic for social media marketing every single day.

21# Postcreator: Create branded social media posts
This social media marketing tool helps us enable to upload the images, instant messages and logo to create more engaging brand-related content. You don’t need to design portal to use it to design. With this, you can create designs for your social media portals all at once at a single interface. This makes it possible to design from anywhere or create any design without downloading any app.

22# EMV Headline: Headline Analyzer
It stands for emotional marketing value headline analyzer. This tool is free and will analyze the headline to determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score. It works on the principle reaching our our customers in an emotional way is a key to successful copywriting. This is why our headline is unquestionably the most important piece of copy you use to reach prospects. Our social media marketing campaign headline will be analyzed and scored based on the total number of EMV words it has in relation to the total number of words it contains. Doing this, it also determines the EMV score of our headline.

23# PicMonkey: Photo Editor
If we are looking for a photo editor other than the well known Canva, then this is the right tool to use. It enables us to  do photo editing, collage making, graphic designing, and much more with the same tool.

24# Canva: Create Amazing Graphic Design
This is a tool specially designed for non-designers. It is actually one of the favorite tools for creating stunning images for social media posts. Using Canva’s multiple templates, fonts, and colors, all you need to do is drag image elements around and drop them into place.

25# Giphy: GIF Maker
It’s the world’s best-animated images tool. Here, one can download the latest GIF for one’s social media marketing campaign or simply upload social media content just for one’s profiles.

26# Bannersnack: Online Banner Maker
This is a revolutionary banner making tool. Here, we can forget all the hassles of working with all the complicated design tools and take advantage of the most powerful banner maker. We  can download your work as JPG, PNG, Html file or GIF, and share them on social media or embedded web into our website.

27# Uprank: Advance Research Tool
This is the world’s most intelligent digital marketing tool which we can use for our social media marketing. Its research tool analyzes website and builds a digital marketing strategy for our website in the form of the comprehensive task which will help us optimize campaigns for our social media marke ting.

28# SocialRank: Find & Analyze Your Audience
This is the perfect tool to help to execute on the location-based activation influencing the marketing, seeing products and supplies and delight campaigns. It is z special media audience management tool with the easiest way to identify, organize and manage your followers on Twitter and Instagram. We can use filters to segment your social media followers, organize them and then save list or export the data.

29# HootSuite: Manage all your social media in one place
This is a simple but powerful marketing tool for the average social media marketer. It comes with a free version and relatively inexpensive paid options. Hence, we can use Hootsuite to schedule posts in advance on a number of different social platforms and measure analytics to understand how our content is performing.

30# Buffer: Manage Your Social Media
This is one of the most recognized tools in the industry. With it, we can schedule any types of posts using any platform one want. It even allows one to specify patterns of posts, such as every day or weekdays. We can also use this tool to follow up on our posts, evaluating which ones were most effective, and why they were effective.

31# Buzzsumo: Find the Most Shared Content
This is one of the best social media marketing tools that have found for discovering new, fresh, or popular content on the web. With it, we can plug in a topic or a selection of keywords and find a breakdown of some of the most popular trending posts in those categories. It also gives us a list of influencers who are sharing that content. This is extremely effective for learning new ideas for our content marketing and social media campaigns. This tool also identifies influencers in one’s industry who can help us grow our following, visibility, and reputation.

32# Meetedgar:  Schedule  Content By Category
This is a social media scheduling tool that allows one to recycle old posts. All one needs to do is to organize  posts. Essentially, we need to schedule our content by category. The tool will then will automatically go through and post content from each category. Once it’s gone through all of the scheduled posts, it will start recycling the older updates.

33# Portent: Content Idea Generator
Portent Content Idea Generator helps you to refresh your ideas simply by entering the subjects on the tool. It gives us plenty of ideas to find titles for our blog content or social media marketing campaigns.

These 33 Social Media Marketing Tools can surely help us take our social media campaigns to the next level. Also, we need to make sure that our social media strategy is compatible with mobile devices to guarantee a worthwhile user experience.

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