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Blockchain technology is great for businesses of all sizes !

Blockchain technology use is well known. It is used a lot in big corporations. Now, it is growing everywhere and even entering the realm of small businesses. The fact is  blockchain can easily overcome all competition even if is by giant competitors.  Here, it enables increased transaction and data transparency, top security and tamper-proof contract management. It has gained efficiency in technology that provides a platform for Bitcoin, and also plays a big role in small size business, mid size business and large businesses.Hence, there are many applications of blockchain for businesses.

1.Smart contracts makes smart business There is often always a third party available with traditional contracts who creates contract and ensures that each one involved abides it. Also, it determines which should be allowed or not allowed.Smart contracts automates all this processes. The contract then a self-verifying and self-enforcing one.  **How do smart contracts work?  Firstly an  option contract is…

SMEs - apply simple cyber security tips for small businesses to remain secure

We know that the internet is the biggest revolution of the 21st century. Its uses are continuing to expand having already roped in every sector of the economy. While there are amazing advantages, the internet also has an unfortunate downside which is its vulnerability to hackers carrying with it security risks. Research has found out that small businesses are appealing to hackers because these businesses have a moderate amount of data and they also do not see cyber security as a priority. So, hackersuse information gotten from these platforms or businesses to steal from many people. Know this as a business, a data breach can damage your relationships with employees, customers, and vendors; and it has been estimated that approximately half of small businesses that have been victims of cyber-attacks go out of business within six months. Do not allow your business to be part of this statistics. You need to try to build up your business’ cyber security. You alsoneed to protect your data, your…