24 June 2019

Facebook Marketing 

Facebook Marketing :-

Basic Facebook Features :-

  • news feed
  • timeline(profile)
  • graph search

Social Density of Audience is Magnified :-

  • facebook is largest repository of deeply personal information
  • facebook geared to maximizing connections between users

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Targeted Marketing :-

  • location(within_ miles of a certain city)
  • age, gender
  • language, education, workplace
  • interests
  • connections
  • celebrating their birthday
  • relationship status

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Facebook Marketing Tools :-

  • like button
  • brand pages
  • news feed page post ads
  • right- hand column sidebar ads 
  • mobile ads
  • faebook exchange(FBX)
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How to Create Facebook Business Page in 6 Simple Steps :-

  • fill out your basic business info
  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/creation/
  • add a profile photo and cover photo
  • fill out your page information completely
  • customize your page
  • add collaborators to your page 
  • publish your first post

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Market With Facebook Page :-

  • don't use facebook for the 'hard sell'
  • have a clear goal and strategy
  • create a human voice for your business
  • post regularly
  • encourage comments and reply quickly
  • use pictures and videos
  • nurture your relationships
  • promote your facebook page
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How to Build Your Own Active Facebook Group :-

  • create a group 
  • keep your group active
  • promote your group
  • keep your group spam - free
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How to Use Facebook Marketplace for Business :-

  • increase awareness & 'discoverability'
  • build trust prior top
  • conduct market research to see what sells 
  • test sales sequences for automating follow - up 
  • sell more products

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Types of Ads :-

  • photo ads
  • video ads
  • lead ads
  • carousel ads
  • slideshow ads
  • collection ads
  • dynamic ads
  • messenger ads
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How to Advertise on Facebook :-

  • choose your objective
  • name your campaign
  • set up your ad account
  • target your audience
  • choose your facebook ad placements
  • set your budget and schedule
  • create your ad
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