Learn facebook marketing to succeed digitally

Facebook can help us market well and for this, we need to know what facebook is all about..

Its basic features are a news feed, timeline(profile) and a graph search.

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Some relevant facts
  • Facebook is the largest database of personal information
  • It is geared to maximize connections between users

Targeted Marketing :-

It analyses based on the following
Location(within_ miles of a certain city), Age, gender, Language, education, workplace, Interests, Connections, Celebrating their birthday, Relationship status

All this is found through Facebook
Facebook Marketing Tools :-
  • Like button
  • Brand pages
  • News feed page post ads
  • Right- hand column sidebar ads 
  • Mobile ads
  • Facebook exchange(FBX)
How to Create Facebook Business Page in 6 Simple Steps :-

  • Fill out your basic business info
  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/creation/
  • add a profile photo and cover photo
  • Fill out your page information completely
  • Customize your page
  • Add collaborators to your page 
  • Publish your first post

Marketing wiith a facebook page :-
Don't use facebook for the 'hard sell'
  • Have a clear goal and strategy
  • Create a human voice for your business
  • Post regularly
  • Encourage comments and reply quickly
  • Use pictures and videos
  • Nurture your relationships
  • Promote your facebook page

Steps to build own own facebook group that is active -
  • Create a group 
  • Keep your group active
  • Promote your group
  • Keep your group free of spam

Steps to use facebook marketplace for business :-

  • Increase awareness & 'discoverability'
  • Build trust prior top
  • Conduct market research to see what sells 
  • Test sales sequences  
  • Sell more products

Types of Ads :-

  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Lead ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Collection ads
  • Dynamic ads
  • Messenger ads
How to advertise on Facebook :- 

  • Choose your objective
  • Name your campaign
  • Set up your ad account
  • Target your audience
  • Choose your facebook ad placements
  • Set your budget and schedule
  • Create your ad
Our views

This is an easy democratic process. We need to follow the right steps to march towards success.

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