07 July 2019

Learn web development to move towards success and growth in the digital era!

This makes sites for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an Intranet (a private network). Both are becoming very common and necessary for almost all to have so there is opportunity too that we need to note.
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This can be developing simple pages of plain text. This can also be working on complex web-based applications, electronics business and social network services .A more comprehensive list of tasks to which web development could include web engineering web design, content development , client liaison, client side and server scripting, web server and network security configuration. With commerce becoming largely digital, it does also incude e-Commerce development.

All this is relevant here to understand so that we understand the digital medium in entirety. This is a new field so there are many areas one need to work on and master. To do this, it is important we focus on this area for some time.

Web developers are found working in various type of origination including large co-operations.  and government small and medium -sized companies or even as freelancers. Some  work for one organisation as a permanent full-time employee, while others may work as independent consultant or as contractors for an employment agency. They usually handle both  server-side and front-end logic

As this era is growing, it makes sense to enter into this domain soon. There is a huge scope of this field.  This scope is present everywhere. There is demand in India and in all nations globally.
Some of the industries where developers have made their permanent mark are in
·         Mobiles
·         Entertainment
·         Medical field
·         Banking Sector
·         Insurance
·         Government
In fact, they are there almost everywhere and will only grow now.
Therefore, it makes sense to step into this field now. It is not all that difficult but does require verve and passion to learn all that is required in this field.
The new wave
As highspeed internet is available everywhere. digital literacy is on a constant rise. This has made a huge number of people aware and proficient in the internet This is a new market and new era. Understanding this is very important for success everywhere.

Covid and post Covid
Even in the Covid and post Covid situation, the digital media has made it possible for all to be productive and effective. Everyone is understanding the power of this medium. The digital era and digital world is indeed changing everyone’s world and we need to learn it well to be part of this new world for this is bound to grow more and more.

Our Views
The new world is digital. We have trained many people digitally and made it possible for all to understand the new language of today, which is digital. When any new era arrives, we have winners who board the bus soon and some who don’t board the bus and hence may be left behind.

We do know that the digital world is already abuzz with the constant growth and developments. The digital revolution is evolving rapidly and will only flourish from here on.  Let us be one of the winners in this game.

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