07 July 2019

Website marketing for small business


   Website Marketing for small business     

Benefits of website Marketing:


Improve Business Credibility:
A simple way to view a website in your online business. This is where your customers, clients find you online. It validate your business and improves your credibility. It gives your business identity and virtual proof that it exists.

Build your Business:
Share your Story : A website is a great way to share your story with your audience why you started this business and what you have to accomplish. 

Get Clients :                                                                                         It's not enough to have a rock on online profile . 36% of clients say smart business make local business more profitable. A website gives you platform to highlight your experience and knowledge. 

Build a Strong relationship with your market:

Let the market know "who you are" :You can set up a blog page where you can share your thoughts and ideas with audience.  

Address the needs of your market : Invite your audience to engage you by encouraging them to post comments on our blogs. 

Educate the Market of your Business : Utilize the 80-20 rule; 80% of your content should be relevant the needs of your audience while 20% should educate them about your business. 

Efficient Way to promote your business:

Social Media - The 3.5 Billion people are online everyday, 2.34 Billion or 67% are on social media. 

Email Marketing- Email marketing is efficient in acquiring customer than facebook.

Application of Website Marketing:

*SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
*Website Design & Development
*Email Marketing
*Digital Marketing Service
*Social Media marketing
*Content Marketing

Small Business Marketing Tactics:

*Create Shareable Content & Relavant content.
*Optimize For both Mobile & Desktop Marketing.
*Focus on Organic Social Media.
*Host Value Packed Webinars.
*Build a Targeted Email List.

Leverage the Power of Social Proof. Note https://www.lyfemarketing.com/blog/small-business-digital-marketing/

Why Internet Marketing is Important for Small Business?

When it comes to the success of your business , internet marketing is a key. To market yourself and to promote your products and services, you need support of internet marketing .You can save money and reach more customers. Audience have to know you personally which can help you to create brand loyalty.
5 reasons why it is important:

*To increase visibility of your Business.
*To connect with the customer.
*To Cope up with the competition.
*It is good for research and development. 
*Legitimate yourself.

Best Small Business Websites Examples:


Email : Komalsingh0127@gmail.com


Videos that may help in marketing:

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