16 August 2019

Earnings of a seven year old show us nothing is impossible in the digital world

We often think of doing all kinds of things to earn money. What we need to do is keep our mind open to learning and results do follow. This is particularly applicable to everyone in the digital world that we inhabit. Through his YouTube channel, Ryan Toys Review, this 7 year old has earned INR 155 crore a in a year. We share his story with you.

Image Source : YouTube
When we were 7 years old, we just did our homework and played. Today we are going to tell you about a child who according to Forbes is the highest grossing YouTube star. This boy named Ryan has a Ryan Toys Review YouTube channel. This channel features Ryan Kaji who is just 7 years old as of July 2019. It also features his mother (Loann Kaji), father (Shion Kaji), and twin sisters (Emma and Kate). They usually releases a new video every day.   From this YouTube channel, it has earned $ 22 million in a year, or about Rs 155 crore.The fact is Ryan’s YouTube channel has 1.70 million subscribers.

This itself shows us how democratic the digital world is. Anyone can reach out to anyone here. This indeed is its power. We just need to understand its power and strength. After understanding, we must be proactive to capitalise on it. As we can see, this is surely not impossible. We only learn to be eager to learn the new language and skills.

Coming back to Ryan on this channel Ryan is shown playing with his toys and unboxing them. Ryan does all this work in front of the camera. A person shoots his video and uploads it to YouTube which is watched by his millions of fans. According to Forbes, Ryan’s revenue comes from his channel’s views and advertising.
Ryan’s another channel is Ryan’s Family Review. Here, he earns $ 21 million (i.e. about 147 crores) from the pre-roll ads coming on Ryan Toys Review channel. He earns 1 million dollars or about 8 crores through sponsored advertisements. According to Forbes, Ryan’s most viewed video includes his Disney toys and playing with Pav Patrol. Over 1 crore children have watched these video
We can see that all this happened as there was a deep connect of the children with Ryan.
All this started when he began making videos in March 2015 after watching other toy review channels. Some of them where EvanTubeHD. After seeing this, he asked his mother why he was not on  YouTube when all the other kids were. His mother took this query of his very seriously. She thought and decided to quit her job as a high school chemistry teacher to work on the YouTube channel full-time.
After a while, actually in 2017 to be precise, Ryan's parents signed a deal with pocket.watch, a startup children's media company that was founded in 2016. This company does the marketing and merchandise for Ryan's YouTube channels.

One thing led to another. For, in 2018, Ryan ToysReview, collaborated with pocket.watch and Wildworks. They created an app called Tag with Ryan, an endless runner game targeted towards children, for iOS and Android. Further, in 2019, both of them produced a 20-episode television series for preschoolers titled Ryan’s mystery playdate. This again was a huge hit as Ryan knew what other children, like him, would relate to. So, yes, understanding is always a key factor for anything to become a success. His channel is rated as Top 100 most subscribed YouTube channels in United States. This is no mean achievement, for sure.
We definitely need to understand that Ryan has understood his viewers who are by extension, his source of revenue, as the digital world is indeed highly democratic.
We are now experiencing a paradigm shift from thinking in terms of closed systems to thinking in terms of open networks. We live in a “networked” world that is characterized by networks both online and offline. Networks are non-hierarchical, inclusive, connected, complex, and open. They are constructed out of both humans and nonhumans. They are now a kind of blueprint for the way in which society is being organized.
Secrets of success

If seven year old Ryan can be so successful, we surely can too of course.

The secret of Ryan’s success is all about his authenticity. Children relate to him and so he is a true friend of theirs.
From him, we must learn to
a.       Understand our audience
None of us can do anything unless we know what our audience is, both potential and real.
b.      Connect with them
We need to have a direct connect with our viewers. This indeed is the power of the digital world.
c.       Reach out to them
We must reach out to the viewers by taking to them through our video.
d.      Be regular
As we saw, Ryan and his family release a new video every day. The internet does like regularity.
It is often said that all entrepreneurs need to be open to learn new skills to survive. This is extremely relevant in the area of digital world. The world has changed so all entrepreneurs need to become digital as well. This is indeed important for everyone. Ryan of course probably didn’t aim to be an entrepreneur but he wish that his views be heard. He learnt new skills, assisted by his family and then then of course catapulted to great success.
We often hear the term, its never too late to succeed. From Ryan, we can learn that its never too early to succeed.
According to us, his key skill apart from authenticity, is passion. Passion to share, passion to learn and passion to show his toys to the world.
His parents took this seriously instead of just ignoring this as just a childish request. They understood that there is a lot of power in the digital world that we inhabit. They may have begun this to make him happy but resulted in being great digital entrepreneurs themselves
Kudos Ryan for showing us the power of the digital world.
See some of his videos below
Back to school routine

With mother with cooking toys kitchen

With mommy using twin telepathy

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