Start flying with Facebook Ads with a strategy that grabs attention !

We must know that we do need to advertise on Facebook in the social media age, to be present and visible in the digital world that we inhabit.
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The great news is that promoting one’s business on Facebook is extremely easy and we can get started in just a few minutes.

Though this is easy, we must know that like anything else, there’s a difference between “doing it” and “doing it well”.

Again doing it well is something we shall guide you in. Here, our goal should be clear so that we focus on this. One there is clarity that we need to be clear that being successful with Facebook advertising is our primary goal, we shall give it the necessary attention and made a proper strategy.

We shall now cover everything we need to get started with Facebook advertising, from choosing the right type of ad to managing and analyzing campaigns.

Why should we advertise on Facebook?
In the modern era, all people in the modern digital world know that Facebook advertising is a good idea for our business. Just in case we need a little extra convincing, we need to consider the following:
·         Eighty percent of all internet users are using Facebook. In this scenario, ir is evident that one should focus intensively on Facebook. The key after all, is knowing what platform our customers are on and how best to reach them. With 80% of all internet users on Facebook, we can surely assume that we will find them there.
·         Social Media is one of the least expensive forms of advertising available and Facebook might have the best return of any platform. This is due, in part, to the awesome targeting capabilities of Facebook’s Ad Manager. Don’t worry, we’ll get to more on that in a little bit.
·         Facebook advertising also stands out from other forms of online (and offline) advertising in that there are few, if any, hidden or extra costs. For example, if you’re planning on sending coupons by direct mail, there are a LOT of costs to consider. You have to print the coupon, pay someone to stuff envelopes, pay for those envelopes, etc. Oh, and let’s not forget about paying for stamps! Social media ads allow us to set our precise budget and stay within it.
Need we say more? Alright, let’s dive into the good stuff then.
Choosing a Goal (Facebook Ad Objectives)
Facebook’s Ad Manager prompts you to select an “Ad Objective” for every Ad Campaign you create, where you can choose one of 13 different campaign goals:
Video Views
To get people to watch your amazing videos. Really inexpensive when compared to other objectives, and when used together with a good creative, it can drive a lot of qualified traffic, since your leads will be better informed about your product.
The reach objective is going to try to expose your ad to as many people in the targeted audience as possible. The goal of this objective is to try to maximize exposure, period.
Most useful if your goal is to send traffic to your website or app install page. Good for when you have a long sales funnel/buyer journey (when you don’t expect to convert prospects on the first interaction).
Increase your page or post likes, shares, etc. Can be a good way to build some social proof or use it as a remarketing tool.
Lead Generation
The best option when you have to sell something – if you use it together with the right content, can be directed towards all funnel stages.
Get people to take a specific action on your website such as making a purchase, subscribing to a list, etc. Incredibly powerful, but needs to target the correct funnel stage (don’t use it to target top of the funnel audiences, since they are still not ready to convert at this stage).
Brand Awareness
The objective of brand awareness is geared toward introducing our brand to the untapped, awaiting masses! (think about “ad recall”).
This is Great for engagement, since it encourages people to contact us by using Facebook Messenger.
Page Likes
This is very straightforward. The objective is to generate more likes to our Facebook Page.
Event Response
For promoting an event (one that has a Facebook Page and Event) and drive attendance to it.
Store Traffic
For those of us who have a physical storefront, this objective will drive local awareness for one or multiple brick-and-mortar locations.
Catalog Sales
To be used by eCommerce owners that have a catalog of products connected to their Facebook Business Manager.
App Install
We need to get more people to install our app.
In other words, we need to choose our objective wisely and make sure it aligns with what we are really trying to accomplish.  

The sky’s the limit so all we need to do is to start flying.

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