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Let us learn a digital strategy that is truly international NOW!

Everyone needs to learn how to form a strategy that is completely encompassing of all regions for only then can it be called an international one.
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In a world that is becoming completely global, is important that individual institutions craft their  own  internationalization strategy in order to enhance the attractiveness of their institution   and   programmes   on   offer. We have explored and used a of guidelines for the successful design and implementation of a university’s internationalization strategy.

We have learnt this with many of our clients. Many institutes do not see that the world is now completely global and therefore, do not teach the students how to make an appropriate strategy suiting this new world. This is exactly what we share all of this with our students too so that they fit into the international arena.

Knowing the digital world is now the new world, we do the following always

We ensure how everyone could do the following :-

1.  Formalise  the  strategic  process.

The  first  key  to  success is clarity. We must form a good process.  it is important to have a systematic approach to strategic management   factoring in within it some flexibility for changing circumstances. It is extremely important that a university is clear with  regards   to   the   position   it wishes to secure in the world and hence this should guide its efforts in  seeking  partners,  programmes etc. In doing this it should analyse its own strengths and weaknesses in teaching, research, examine existing relationships and resources at its disposal and work on how to leverage on its strengths. It is often useful to  have  a  look at  national and  global  ranking  standards  to help inform the strategic management process. A three to five-year strategic plan should be the starting point.

2.  Maintain a focus on the agreed outcome of the process of going international. Define  the  scope  of  the  strategy very clearly. Very often it is easy to get carried away in different directions. One must remain focussed on agreed outcomes however exciting alternative directions may seem. This would also  include  developing  a  clear path for how the internationalisation  strategy  is going to be implemented.

3.  Maintain a close link between the institution’s resource capability and its external environment.  It is always useful to make a list of the institution’s key projects and programmes  that can be highlighted when seeking for collaboration and partnerships. Comparing strategic initiatives is often an effective way of exploring avenues for cooperation.

4.  Engage  all  stakeholder  groups.

Consulting   and   soliciting   input from across the university community  is  essential. Establishing a framework to ask for input  from  faculty,  students, alumni, support staff, corporate partners, business community, existing international partners (if any) will be useful in developing a rounded  perspective  that  can  be fine-tuned  in  terms  of scope  and action plans.  Keeping the channels of communication open helps.

5. Define  and  Refine  strategic partnerships. It is important to regularly  visit  the  list  of partnerships and assess their engagement and effectiveness. Sometimes it is better to just work on a couple of partnerships which can be sustained over a long period of time. Equally important in any joint venture is to have in place a transparent system that clearly determines the intellectual property ownership and legal jurisdiction.

6. Establish a dedicated professional international team with adequate support from leadership. Without support from university leadership and adequate funding the best strategies will remain just that. It is therefore important to have senior leadership with oversight across the institution to champion the efforts.

7. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. The importance of engaging in every opportunity available to communicate the new strategy cannot be underestimated. A non-confidential       version highlighting the key points should be available for a communicating to all stakeholders.   This also is a very  useful  document  when seeking out new international partners.

8.  Ensure  that  the  strategy  is  a living  document  and  does  not find itself on the top bookshelf once it has been written. Adopt a review system which can monitor, evaluate progress and revise the strategy. Be patient and resist the temptation to make too many changes at the early stages. Implementation often takes a while, but it is equally important not to be complacent and keep the review process live.

The test of a good strategy would be to build in safeguards and checks that would facilitate an understanding of and aligning with international quality assurance systems to develop standards that are fit for purpose, context driven locally relevant and globally both acceptable and competitive.

The world today is digital and we must recognize this.  Not just recognize but honour this by equipping ourselves suitably.

In the new digitized world of today, everyone needs to reinvent themselves. is. So, it is good to witness a healthy portion of annual marketing budget being s assigned to digital marketing with organizations hiring the right skill to drive their initiatives. As they are updated, all our  courses are extremely popular.

This is a new world. So, we do need to explore not just a simple course but we do need to explore a good course that is  completely relevant.

Many Business-to-business (B2B) companies are already getting great results using digital marketing tactics like SEO, PPC, Landing page creation, Social media and email marketing linked to a CRM marketing automation system or a simple email auto response system. For this, you definitely need to get to join one of our courses.

The world itself now recognizes only people with these key skills. Do join in a proper course before you get left behind.

We shall teach how to effectively use all the tools to capitalize the potential of digital marketing in  many of our courses.

We ensure students learn how to make businesses grow for sure. They then become  part of this journey and shall surely remain well employed in the global arena. This is why many come to us understand how to create international strategies. 

This is why we have ensured all our courses are formed with all these principles.


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