11 September 2019

Now, education in India can also be international. Identify the right places!

There are both opportunities and challenges in making higher education international. We have studied all of this and incorporated in all our courses.

The opportunities include enhanced capacity, greater access for students, development of joint curriculum, greater diversity of programmes, exposure to a variety of teaching and learning methods, growing comparability of qualifications and exposure to established systems of education administration and management. For us in India, there is less brain drain of gifted and bright   students   to   foreign   institutions and fusion of cultures exchange  of research ideas  and  more research. This leads to multinational teams leading to generation of new academic environments.

The challenges are high fees so there is inequality of access leading to a two-tier system which is inconsistent with the equity and access philosophy of both the institution and the national government. This is why we have ensured our courses are accessible to all.

Important factors in any collaborative arrangement are issues relating to  the award of the degrees and the determination and approval of the quality assurance systems and procedures used to  approve and accredit the qualifications. Equally important are also issues of international mobility and credit transfer of the qualifications awarded.

Therein lies the opportunity for Indian higher education institutions and policy makers in addressing issues related to curriculum delivery,  quality  of teaching, relevance of course content, learning and teaching strategies used and offering programmes that are both globally and locally relevant.

We have done all of this which is why all our courses are sought after internationally too. Our fees are reasonable to ensure everyone can afford it.

We have seen that the new world is digital so we are focusing on primarily this sector and aligning with institutes who do this. For instance, our post graduate program in Digital Marketing is all about deep understanding of the digital world.
These concepts and theories approach is also relevant to conventional marketing. When applied properly, they gain a significant advantage in the state-wise, national and international marketplace. This increases our capacity to test and measure various marketing channels.
This course is an intensive course that is both full-time and part-time. This course guarantees a job at the end of the program. It assures 100% placement. It is structured to give students a complete understanding of education in digital marketing.

The PGP course by several institute is taught by expert professionals who have experience. To tackle the digital market, they teach the students to  have the right mind-set and the right knowledge.
PGP in different sectors: Our PGP course aims to inculcate in their students proper digital marker through our digital marketing course. They enter a global market and are highly successful. This is known by various names online marketing, digital marketing, electronic-marketing, internet marketing. Whatever you call it is a matter of choice. This is one of the most important sectors for anyone in marketing today. Most importantly, masters in digital marketing degree prepares the students for many exciting roles. This is helpful in the fast-changing and fast-growing sector in PGP.
PGP in analysis: This develops a deep understanding of the factors that improve consumer behaviour in the digital economy. We help our students to develop advanced skills in the practices that relate to digital and data-driven marketing. 

These factors that includes critical analysis also evaluation. We could plan and manage digital marketing strategies for your organization and target audience. We also take full account of budgetary also other constraints. This makes it possible for all be in India and yet get an international education.

We know the digital world has arrived so we also offer online courses. The technical world today has led to more convenience for people. With just a click of a button, you can uncover fresh information about all kinds of topics and niches.

A wonderful advantage of this educational model is that one can get to choose one’s schedule and what days you are available to attend classes.  One can access digital classrooms anytime and anywhere. This allows one to focus on one’s family obligations and career responsibilities. Further, one is given control of how often one wants to meet and how one can deliver the course requirements. Many professionals are enrolling at digital schools to keep up with the demands of the competitive workplace, especially regarding technology. With the ever-evolving workforce these days, one must prepare oneself for the future. This can be done by investing in gaining more knowledge through online courses that can provide the student with relevant skills. We have also noted that different people have different learning styles. These courses provide you with enough freedom to learn the way you want to gain knowledge. The course also allows the student(s) to adjust their study habits in a way that makes it easier for them to understand the topics. Online learning helps students maximize their strengths and improve their weaknesses without too must pressure. When this comes with an international credit also, naturally, it is a double whammy.

For, it is possible to get a degree online. One does, of course need to check the accreditation of the school and read the reviews of students who graduated there.  One can also opt to take a few courses online and to learn new skills at your own pace. Most importantly, one can start building the right foundation for one’s career goals by investing in knowledge. We have done enough research to know how one can move forward in life, especially digitally so that everyone can move forward here. This is also how we offer a 100% job guarantee course.

Knowing the current scenario, we at IDM have tie ups with credible brand names and are proud to have placed many students and given them a global exposure.

Do join us to become part of the future.

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